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Flan sentence examples

  • For dessert, try your hand at making flan, a traditional Hispanic dessert.

  • Over a desert of flan he asked her about Jerome Shipton's ice park fall.

  • He kindly invited us to a strawberry flan and cream tea at his home afterward.

  • So the pudding is still a great favorite in Britain and a freshly made rhubarb flan or Brown Betty is certainly hard to beat.

  • The extensive range of traditional cookware items includes flan, lasagna and gratin dishes, cheese domes, casseroles and soup tureens.

  • flan tin, using a little fine matzo meal to stop the rolling pin from sticking.

  • flan dish.

  • flan rings, they are easier to remove at a later stage.

  • flan case with a little of the filling then decorate with fruit.

  • flan base.

  • Roll out the pastry to line an eight inch round flan dish.

  • There are three fairly standard desserts priced at £ 4.20 for raspberry chocolate truffle or fresh fruit flan.

  • I can personally vouch for the quality of the Lady Captain's bacon and egg flan.

  • Cook the pastry flan case 'blind ' and allow to cool.

  • Went down for dinner, the choice was 4 fish fingers, a piece of egg and bacon flan, chips and beans.

  • quiche recipe is made in two flan tins so you can easily halve quantities if you're feeding less.

  • Use to line a lightly oiled 23cm (9 inch) spring release cake or deep flan tin.

  • Roll your puff pastry out and put it in the bottom of a large pie, flan or quiche dish.

  • The courgette and cheese quiche recipe is made in two flan tins so you can easily halve quantities if you're feeding less.

  • For dessert, I can't choose between baklava, chocolate, flan, konefa, and um ali.

  • The white-linen covered tables and stone fireplace in the dining room create a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests can finish their meals, indulging in desserts such as flan, papaya creme or creme brulee.

  • Get a standard flan case, (I use the one that bottom comes off, easy to remove flan ).

  • If you prefer, you could have a multi-course meal, beginning with an appetizer of chips, salsa, and guacamole and ending with a flan dessert.

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