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flak Sentence Examples

  • Ground forces are often shooting rifles, flak cannons, and missiles into the air, trying to shoot down fighters.

  • cryhen on the run from torrid tabloid revelations, the celebrity colony usually sends out flak to distract and then predictably cries foul.

  • The heavy flak opened up, chunks of plaster fell from the ceiling.

  • The heavy flak batteries were still pounding away at them and they were dropping to within range of the light flak.

  • In particular the ninth formulation has come in for much flak.

  • Many aircraft were shot down by german flak as they passed overhead.

  • We have taken a lot of political flak for our approach.

  • Approaching the coastline they were suddenly coned in searchlights and caught in a barrage of very accurate flak.

  • The media sector today As an industry, ' the media ' seems to attract more flak than most.

  • To do with taking flak from call rather than.

  • They flew night at 500ft until the enemy coast, after which they averaged just 100ft to avoid flak and fighter patrols.

  • But the initiative has drawn flak from some quarters in the open source community, judging from the responses posted on Port 25 blogs.

  • Ever get the feeling they're getting a little flak about this?

  • Glaxo raised its head above the parapet and received the flak: smaller companies will learn the lesson and lie low.

  • Details: hit by flak whilst passing over the target area at 21,000 feet.

  • flak jacket would come in much more useful!

  • flak cannons and planes on deck.

  • flak guns of their own.

  • flak batteries on the dam wall and three more in the valley.

  • flak tower in the distance was the center of German efforts to resist the British invasion at Sword Beach.

  • flak vests, steel plates, or lumber to protect crew.

  • On D Day after being struck by enemy flak he lay on the beach for eight hours.

  • hit by flak and blown up, right over the dam, only about a hundred and fifty feet up.

  • inimitable manner, answering back for the flak he feels he's received from ZZAP!

  • A flak jacket would come in much more useful!

  • Please also note that ' Kugelblitz ' was a name given to other German weapons, including a flak panzer.

  • Use sand bags, flak vests, steel plates, or lumber to protect crew.

  • There was also heavy flak to the north of Hamme on the approach to the railroad marshaling yards.

  • There was also heavy flak to the north of Hamme on the approach to the railroad marshaling yards.

  • Debris can fly up, pieces of flak can hit you in the face, and dust can get in your eyes, so cover them up with wide safety glasses.

  • Styles worth investigating further include Oakley's Radar Pitch, Flak Jacket, and M Frame Hybrid.

  • Flak Jacket sunglasses are worn by athletes and sports professionals.

  • Flak Jackets come with a set of lenses as well as two different sized nose pads and a travel case.

  • Livestrong / Lance Armstrong Foundation collection comes in Straight Jacket and Flak Jacket styles.

  • Signature series includes the USC Trojans Flak Jacket XLJ.

  • Oakley Half Jacket and Flak are considered top of the line in terms of protection, visual clarity and style.

  • Mom took a lot of flak over her decision, but she was very determined and strong-willed.

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