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fizz Sentence Examples

  • Ginger Fizz 3cl bourbon 3cl pineapple juice 2 to 3 slices fresh gingerroot champagne Muddle the fresh ginger in the shaker.

  • Ginger Fizz 3cl bourbon 3cl pineapple juice 2 to 3 slices fresh gingerroot champagne Muddle the fresh ginger in the shaker.

  • The cost includes a seat at the Hall, a Bucks Fizz Reception and a souvenir brochure.

  • As you journey to your chosen destination you'll enjoy a bucks fizz brunch.

  • A delicious brunch with Bucks Fizz will be served on your outward journey.

  • bucks fizz for the guests and wine with the meal costs about £ 38.50 a head.

  • bucks fizz?

  • A sparkling wine is also available, produced by the traditional method of bottle fermentation, resulting in a dry, yet full-flavoured fizz.

  • Reception drinks can be provided; sherry, bucks fizz, wine, or your own choice of drink.

  • The night they put the fizz in into physics was the jolly sub's merry headline.

  • Coca Cola is set to add fizz to a major sporting event this summer.

  • To make the fizz shine we shall also serve some delicious nibbles.

  • The palate was medium sweet and had a slight fizz.

  • Glass mineral water bottle The question of how to keep the fizz of a fizzy drink in a bottle was tackled in several ways.

  • fizz on arrival, four course dinner, disco, festive hats & Crackers.

  • The truth is we are decadent and other countries across the globe have more fizz.

  • fizz reception.

  • fizz away in the overwhelming acid of evidence.

  • They're always on hand to serve the bucks fizz with a fake smile!

  • scented leaf pelargoniums are nice, Orange Fizz smells rather nice!

  • Plop plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is, Plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is.

  • Swoosh, fizz, pop, I can't get those noises out of my head, I feel a bit woozy.

  • The first 500 ladies through the turnstiles get a free glass of Buck 's Fizz to start what promises to be a smashing day.

  • Swoosh, fizz, pop, I ca n't get those noises out of my head, I feel a bit woozy.

  • Tasting Notes: A lively persistent fizz with rich, yeasty complexity and a deliciously soft rounded palate.

  • Cool Water Summer Fizz: Summery and fun, this limited edition scent is composed of bergamot, citron, juniper, mint, orange, lavender, suede, vetiver, leather, musk and cedar.

  • This bright red punch has ginger ale to add a little fizz, so little ones love it!

  • Sprinkle baking soda directly onto the stained grout, add vinegar to produce a fizz.

  • Fizz Frill Halter Cami: This is a brilliant tankini done in red that, thanks in large part to its silver sequins, sparkles this way and that.

  • Simply add it to a glass of water and allow a few minutes for it to fizz, and drink it down!

  • Depending on your model, you will place the bottle into the holder then press down on the carbonator to add fizz.

  • You can control how much fizz you like your water to have.

  • Another cool feature is being able to control how much fizz to add to the soda.

  • We also enjoyed the fizz that lasted until we finished our drink.

  • The first time I made soda, I added a bit too much fizz.

  • Champagne diamonds pair well with colorless accent stones that can highlight their fire and add a hint of fizz to the ring.

  • For example, you might write: Fizz Drinks sells one million carbonated beverages annually to satisfied customers, making our company well positioned to enter the lucrative health drinks market.

  • You can also use peroxide, which will fizz in the same manner as club soda.

  • As they spin, spiral and fizz uncontrollably, they release skin-softening agents, fragrances and, occasionally, color.

  • They're also easy to use; there's no waiting around for bubbles to form or a tablet to fizz away.

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