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figurine Sentence Examples

  • Contrast with that a roughly contemporary figurine of an actor playing a modest young woman.

  • A very sweet little rare panda figurine in in hand painted china, perfect for displaying in your vintage chic or retro chic interior.

  • The Wildlife Figurine Reserve find high-quality, realistic animal collectibles.

  • A mould-made female figurine from the same area may suggest that the Greek imports derive from tombs rather than a settlement.

  • This produced several hundred figurine fragments, from small figurine fragments, from small figurines to life-size terracotta statues.

  • The prize of £ 30,000 and a limited edition bronze figurine known as the ' Bessie ' are both anonymously endowed.

  • A sweet litlle English retro vintage china clown figurine, perfect for your retro chic or vintage chic interior.

  • A cool English retro vintage pottery figurine of a clown, perfect for your retro chic interior.

  • The infant is the young individual par excellence depicted in the figurine media.

  • watercolor on paper 152cm x 101cm Lifesize painting of figurine in ball gown.

  • A figurine from Petsofa (fig.

  • Sweet 16 #2 2005 acrylic and watercolor on paper 152cm x 101cm Lifesize painting of figurine in ball gown.

  • Place a large rooster figurine under a bentwood and cane chair and toss a small theme throw rug casually at the feet.

  • One look through a gallery of wedding cake topper pictures will show any couple that there is a wide range of styles for this symbolic wedding figurine.

  • Top your cake Cinderella style with items such as Sculptured Glasses' coach, a blown glass castle, or a Disney figurine.

  • You send in a picture and you'll get a figurine designed to look just like you and your future spouse, in caricature form.

  • For instance, instead of the traditional topper, you can use a figurine shaped like a teddy bear, a castle, a pair of palm trees, a snowflake, a starfish or a symbol that is special to you.

  • The full effect of the ballerina is enhanced by a mirror attached to the inside of the lid to reflect the image of the twirling action of the figurine.

  • When looking for a "flying bird", for example, it might only be a figurine or a painting and not a live animal.

  • If you've been experiencing a run of bad luck, a crystal bat figurine may help turn your luck around.

  • Even if all of the areas of your life are relatively successful, a fish figurine helps that success to continue.

  • If you're in the middle of, or soon to be facing an emotionally or physically trying time, a horse figurine will help you endure.

  • Pictures, drawings and photos of elephants can be used in place of a figurine or statue.

  • When using an elephant picture or figurine, always make sure it has a raised trunk.

  • Another wall fountain is little more than a motif or figurine spout that is attached to the wall and a ceramic, concrete or metal pool is placed below the spout and attached to the recirculation water tube.

  • A figurine of the love goddess, Kwan Yin is often used in homes to symbolize all of the qualities this goddess embodies, which includes compassion and mercy, necessary for love to exist in harmony.

  • Even if you are not comfortable using your own body as a model for pregnancy art, you can still celebrate your beautiful pregnant belly by purchasing a painting, sculpture, or figurine that will commemorate the special time in your life.

  • The set comes with a Dora and Isa figurine, as well as tables and chairs, kitchen appliances, a bed, a sofa and other accessories.

  • It features a gazebo to add to the outside of Dora's house, a sunflower, watering can and Dora figurine.

  • A Dora figurine is dressed in her pajamas, ready to curl up in the bed with the accompanying teddy bear.

  • For example, top a medium-sized tree with a white angel figurine.

  • Finally, licensed characters, such as Disney characters or movie characters, are common choices for figurine ornaments.

  • Instead of cluttering up tables all year long like figurine or doll collections, Christmas ornaments are carefully packed away most of the year.

  • Soon, the cards and posters were joined by a three-dimensional porcelain figurine, and Precious Moments became a successful phenomenon.

  • There are collector's clubs located all over the world, where members can get an exclusive member figurine and receive a one year subscription to a quarterly magazine.

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