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figure-skating Sentence Examples

  • Those looking for a more artistic way to spend time on the ice may enjoy the Bozeman Figure Skating Club.

  • For a cool show, there is no better option than the Endless Summer on Ice figure skating show, while young and old alike will love the fun and energy of the Twistin' to the 60's retro musical review.

  • Interpretive Ice Skating: Athletes train for years to compete as dancers for the Winter Olympic figure-skating championships.

  • Evan Lysacek is the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal winner of Men's figure skating.

  • Celebrities are paired with professional figure skaters and train to present competition-ready figure skating numbers to the judges, who are comprised of three regulars along with an occasional celebrity guest judge.

  • The professional figure skaters featured on the show are celebrities in their own right within the world of figure skating.

  • Strapping skates onto celebrities and asking them to pull off some figure skating seems to be a recurring theme, however, since this is not the first time viewers have seen this format in a television show.

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