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fidget Sentence Examples

  • She started to fidget.

  • She started to fidget.

  • fidget a lot.

  • A little fidget - but - such a lovely cat - well presented and a star in the making (if not already!

  • She did n't fidget or want to sit down.

  • Do not fidget, scratch, or stare out of the window at this point.

  • They often fidget and sit in distorted postures to try to gain stability.

  • fidget around like a broker without his first cup of coffee.

  • fidget when they have to sit down and be very noisy.

  • They don't learn their lessons, they don't listen, they fidget and play, and prevent others from learning.

  • Holberg took no rest, and before the end of 1723 the comedies of Barselstuen (The Lying-in Room), The Eleventh of July, Jakob von Thyboe, Den Bundeslose (The Fidget), Erasmus Montanus, Don Ranudo, Ulysses of Ithaca, Without Head or Tail, Witchcraft and Melampe had all been written, and some of them acted.

  • It also includes how sedentary or active your job is, and whether you fidget a lot or sit still.

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