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fester Sentence Examples

  • Don't lose sleep and fester on it.

  • Anyway I mean, if you confront something instead of letting it fester, it might be easier to deal with.

  • Don't lose sleep and fester on it.

  • fester on the margins.

  • fester smell far worse than weeds. ' WHAT?

  • Does the controversy about its tail section still fester?

  • Whinge when you want to Don't hold back negative feelings inside where they'll just fester.

  • fester too long because they are not grabbed.

  • Kept under wraps in deference to " political correctness, " the discontent will only fester.

  • fester indefinitely in a foreign jail under any conditions let alone without charge is morally reprehensible.

  • fester for years without any attempt to update them!

  • Fester, Die Bayreuther Schwester Friedrichs des Grossen (Berlin, 1902).

  • Letting matters fester or shoving important topics aside often leads to a bigger problem later.

  • Don't shove that feeling down; it's important that you give voice to that anger because otherwise, it'll just fester.

  • If allowed to fester, stress can eventually cause more severe health issues, including diseases and health complications.

  • You'll nurse this wound and if you don't find some way to reconcile your pain, it'll fester into a mighty stumbling block in your life.

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