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fcc Sentence Examples

  • A very interesting example is Fe in the face centered cubic (fcc) phase.

  • Fcc metals, however, generally remain ductile at low temperatures.

  • Outgoing FCC chairman Michael Powell said it would have been " wholly improper " to force " must-carry " rights on all digital channels.

  • The 38-atom truncated octahedron is the most stable fcc cluster in the size range we consider.

  • That band was allocated by the FCC for low-power devices (under 100 milliwatt ), including remote controls, and cheap toy walkie-talkies.

  • That band was allocated by the FCC for low-power devices (under 100 milliwatt), including remote controls, and cheap toy walkie-talkies.

  • Whether you are buying fancy two-way radios or inexpensive ones, make sure you read the FCC guidelines and rules before using the radios.

  • Certain types of two-way radios need to be registered with the FCC because of frequencies they use and the distances they can attain.

  • After the routine aired on a New York radio station in its entirety, the radio station and Carlin became the subject of an FCC case that landed in the United States Supreme Court.

  • They weren't the kind of jokes that were worthy of an inquisition by the FCC, but they were close.

  • It recently received FCC approval, so you should be able to get it from your favorite cell phone importer some time soon.

  • Additionally, the editors test the batteries and give you the results of the FCC radiation tests.

  • In 2002, CNN reported that the Federal Comunications Commission received over 500 email complaints regarding the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, leading the FCC to reexamine their definition of "indecency."

  • Though the conservative group Parents Television Center attempted to organize a campaign of FCC complaints, Lambert's performance was aired during FCC watershed hours and they refused to act.

  • The parts were "pixelated", but this was not good enough for the FCC.

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