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fast-forward Sentence Examples

  • The thought of all he would have to face made him wish they could fast forward a few days.

  • The thought of all he would have to face made him wish they could fast forward a few days.

  • fast forward the navigation very simple and the d-pad offers fast-forward, rewind, stop, play and pause.

  • fast forwards So a Monday morning in the peak District was enough to get me back into life with the fast-forward button constantly on.

  • fast forwardthrew cold water on the idea that neutering the fast-forward option would result in a consumer backlash.

  • fast forwardey are on-demand, this means that you can watch what you want, fast-forward, rewind and pause, when you want!

  • fast forward6 percent of those viewers actually watch TV commercials when they become DVR subscribers, albeit in fast-forward mode.

  • fast forwards let viewers thumb their noses at program schedules and, even worse, fast-forward past commercials.

  • fast forward New Environment Let us now fast-forward to the present.

  • fast forwardn always fast-forward through the commercials to catch up to real-time -- or not.

  • fast forwardlogy allows the viewer to time-shift television, fast-forward through the ads and automatically record the types of programs they like.

  • fast forward accepted the new firmware upgrade downloaded last night, and have lost the ability to fast-forward through adverts.

  • pause, rewind and fast forward controls.

  • You also can pause again, rewind or fast forward.

  • Fast-forward a couple of decades, and the Internet has done vastly more than O'Neill could have imagined to promote open information about government.

  • You also can pause again, rewind or fast forward.

  • While many actors in Hollywood need to pay their dues to land big roles, Colin Farrell seemingly went in fast forward straight to the top.

  • With a string of number one hits on the country charts and a personal life in the tabloids, country crooner Kenny Chesney really is living in fast forward.

  • Amenities include the Hippy Dippy swimming pool, the Fast Forward arcade, and many other activities.

  • There isn't a heck of a lot of words, per se, but because only a small handful can be displayed at a time, it can get incredibly frustrating trying to fast forward through it all.

  • Fast-forward to the present and we find ourselves enjoying NHL 08 for the PS3.

  • Game loading time is not too bad, and if you die in the game and have to start a level over, you can fast-forward past any dialog or video you have already seen by pressing the X button.

  • It is also interesting that, since FlyCast buffers the streaming content, it is possible to rewind and fast forward through songs.

  • Michael is given a universal remote by someone that appears to be a mad scientist, providing him with the power to pause and fast forward through time.

  • Plus, there is no fumbling with the remote to fast forward through scenes you don't really want to see like…surprise, surprise, Luke left town again or Sonny is in the middle of a mob war.

  • You can also rewind, fast forward and pause the episodes like you would with a standard video or DVD.

  • The only problem with free videos is that you oftentimes have to stop your workout to fast forward through the commercials.

  • These technologies give people the power to fast forward through the opening credits, so theme songs become irrelevant.

  • It also might not be as fun to take shortcuts like this as it would be to just play the game - kind of like watching a movie on fast forward does get you to the end faster, but you lose something in the experience.

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