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fantasize Sentence Examples

  • What does he fantasize doing with you?

  • She was in his world now, offering him something he'd allowed himself to fantasize about more than once.

  • It was useless for her to fantasize about Xander, not when a couple dozen women who belonged on the covers of magazines were gathered around.

  • Women are also more likely to fantasize about things they've heard about, but never tried including ménage, group sexual experiences, voyeurism and bondage.

  • Take a drive on the 17-Mile Drive and fantasize what it takes to get an address on the road.

  • fantasize about the possibility.

  • fantasize about but do their job well and offer a solid backbone to the storytelling.

  • To a degree that his heirs can only fantasize about today, a lawyer in Rome might become a superstar.

  • I wanted to do a record since I was 16, and I do n't fantasize about it.

  • If your first date goes well, resist the urge to fantasize about picking out china patterns for your wedding registry.

  • I've told my friends that still go to his school that I'm over him... but I feel like I'm only half over him... because I'll still fantasize and dream about him.

  • Children who fantasize a lot have unusually good inner resources for amusing themselves.

  • Many people fantasize about dates with their favorite characters, especially anime fans.

  • Married women who cheat on their spouses are typically not getting the emotional intimacy that they need and may fantasize that the answer lies outside their marriage.

  • Men imagine and fantasize about all the things they have done or could do with their current partner.

  • Women are just as likely to fantasize about sex with their current partner, as they are to fantasize about sex with a stranger.

  • They'd rather fantasize about all the possibilities for a while before they decide to actually ask you out.

  • Many men fantasize about seeing "their women" in revealing panties.

  • Still, should he fantasize about a future in football, this sweater vest may banish him to lonely lunchtimes in the school cafeteria and even a passing period trapped in a hall locker.

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