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fandango Sentence Examples

  • He was a talented musician, and could do a fine fandango.

  • So everyone keep your eye on ****** boy tripping the light fandango, or just plain tripping!

  • fandango reader reviews] THE SAM I AM THE SAM I AM are 4 noiseniks from England's east coast.

  • Designer Tim Schafer spent over a decade at LucasArts creating games like Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and Day of the Tentacle.

  • The Pandango di Silaw also follows that kind of a beat, but at a much faster pace, and is done in a "flamenco" style - in fact, the name comes from the Spanish fandango.

  • Fandango is the largest online movie ticket provider.

  • Their website is a full service affair, offering everything from movie trailers and previews to movie reviews (written both by customers and Fandango staff), movie charts, and of course, scheduling and tickets for most movie theaters.

  • All US national chain movie theaters are represented on the Fandango site, and many smaller, independent theaters also sell ticket through Fandango.

  • Major movie fans will enjoy taking part in the Fandango fan forums, where they can debate movies to their hearts' content.

  • Movie works in much the same way as Fandango.

  • People who purchased their ticket for Twilight through Fandango received a special code to download an exclusive remix of the Carter Burwell song Bella's Lullaby.

  • According to polls by film sites such as Fandango, the audience for Twilight the movie was about 75 percent female, and 25 percent of the audience was under 25 years old.

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