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fanciest Sentence Examples

  • Target's many furniture options can hold their own in even the fanciest of homes.

  • Simple dresses can be just as stunning as the other styles, so they're worth a look if you're constantly attracted to the fanciest dresses but recoil in horror as soon as you see the price tag.

  • Even the fanciest Roman blinds can go unnoticed without a valance.

  • Some sequin tops - those that are all or primarily sequins - are appropriate only for the fanciest nights on the town.

  • They may not have the fanciest handsets, but their rates are usually quite good for casual users.

  • Rent a limo and make reservations to one of the most romantic and fanciest restaurants in your area.

  • If you want the coolest bag to bring along to school, you can easily just buy the fanciest backpack in the world and then purchase an inexpensive shuttle for your laptop.

  • Even the fanciest shoe clips are extremely inexpensive, so you will save big this way.

  • The fanciest needles you'll find are likely to be bamboo, and the store probably won't stock all sizes of needles that you might need.

  • Remember that the fanciest sound-and-video enabled Flash website is only as good as the content within it.

  • I'm going to take you to the fanciest restaurant in the city for your birthday.

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