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false positive

false positive

false positive Sentence Examples

  • Highly conserved features, such as coding exons or repeats should be masked to reduce the number of false positive hits.

  • These include false positive rates, and method of termination of an affected fetus.

  • There are reports of false positive serum HCG results due to several different compounds (not drugs) that may interfere with the test.

  • The six benign lesions included three false-positive mediastinal lymph nodes in one patient.

  • The six benign lesions included three false-positive mediastinal lymph nodes in one patient.

  • High enough numbers of false positive splice sites are produced to make gene finding problematic.

  • Goldenseal may actually give a false-positive in humans in urine drug tests.

  • It is important for parents to tell the child how the tests will be done so that the child is not anxious or apprehensive, which in some cases may increase the likelihood of false positive reactions.

  • False negative and false positive results can occur with the TORCH test for immunoglobulins because of cross-reacting antibodies, especially among the different types of herpes viruses.

  • The TORCH screen, however, can produce both false-positive and false-negative findings.

  • This test gives many false positive results immediately after birth and so requires a second test several weeks later.

  • Because this test has a high false-positive rate, another test such as amnio is recommended whenever the AFP levels fall outside the normal range.

  • Because of the potential for misleading results (false-positive and false-negative), laboratory tests alone cannot establish the diagnosis.

  • Penicillins may cause false positive results on urine sugar tests for diabetes.

  • A common cause of a false positive result is waiting too long to read the test results, since early pregnancy tests may display an evaporation line outside of the five minute test reaction time.

  • A false positive can also happen if you are taking Novarel, Profasi, Pregnyl, or other fertility medications that contain hCG.

  • Factors such as fertility treatments and certain medications can lead to a home pregnancy test showing a false positive result when you are not pregnant.

  • When this happens, you may get a false positive that says you are pregnant when you are not.

  • Pregnancy test false negative and false positive results are fairly rare.

  • A false positive result is possible but is rare.

  • Receiving a false positive is getting a positive test when you are not pregnant.

  • However, when the test fails, keep in mind that it is much more common to get a false negative result than a false positive result.

  • It is also worth pointing out that you can occasionally receive a false positive result on a home pregnancy test.

  • However, you will want to keep in mind that a false positive is much rarer than a false negative.

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