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fallback Sentence Examples

  • Therefore, we strongly recommend that authorized consignors make the necessary arrangements to obtain a fallback stamp as soon as possible.

  • fallback of reliance on the ' explanations ' to mitigate the consequences of the Charter is similarly unlikely to have the effect desired.

  • This provides a reliable fallback for IT administrators who need to quickly roll out security patches to minimize security threats.

  • We do have the fallback of the existing version.. .

  • Miscellaneous The OFT has launched an new investigation into MasterCard and its new arrangements for setting the fallback interchange fees.

  • For any accounting or measurement issue that is not addressed in the SME standards, the IASB proposes mandatory fallback to IFRS.

  • Achieve superior range with distances of up to 300 feet with automatic rate fallback.

  • And I discovered that the fetal position is not a good fallback when you're all alone in deep water.

  • So, looks like it's that old fallback, beer.

  • fallback position - the bar.

  • fallback scheme 21 days ' notice must be given.

  • fallback options, or course.

  • fallback procedures can be established.

  • fallback arrangements to cover each other in the event of a problem.

  • fallback provision.

  • Energy Blade Ammo: Energy This is the default fallback weapon in Tribes: Vengeance.

  • Currencies will probably collapse in the end, and gold will be the emergency fallback.

  • Since the 9th grade, Maybelline eye shadow has been my fallback cosmetic when I want to look fabulous without the anxiety of trying a new product right before a big event.

  • And of course there is always the old board game fallback or room décor if your tween wants to stage their own mini extreme home makeover.

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