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faith-based Sentence Examples

  • What is to be respected about faith based on no evidence, but only ancient books and the word of control freaks?

  • faith-based schooling prepares children for life in contemporary society has recently been reopened in the UK.

  • faith-based, religious organization, several States exempt our ministry from solicitation registration.

  • faith-based schools in the private sector.

  • faith-based organizations.

  • faith-based initiatives, all of you are helping to multiply the compassion of our government.

  • faith-based charities suffer?

  • Others are run by different faith groups, or are not faith-based, but they all share similar values.

  • THE DEBATE ABOUT the extent to which faith-based schooling prepares children for life in contemporary society has recently been reopened in the UK.

  • Another example of this type of financial institution is Harbor Bank of Maryland, which claims to be a faith based lender.

  • You've probably hear of Christian book stores, however, there are many more faith based businesses that sell Christian Americana decor.

  • Remember, just because you're a faith-based group doesn't mean all your youth group activities and games have to be serious.

  • A Christian faith-based organization, the Salvation Army, offers six-week Family Education classes for parents, siblings, and spouses of those taking part in Salvation Army recovery programs.

  • It includes treatment ceremonies for Native Americans and faith-based methods.

  • For people who seek out faith-based institutions or who want to learn more about the Christian faith, Christian colleges' distance learning programs can be a valuable resource and source of community connection.

  • You may also want to apply to Christian colleges if you're considering a career as a priest, pastor, nun, clergyperson or other faith-based professional.

  • Within the Christian community, you have a higher likelihood of finding people who have already attended faith-based institutions and might be willing to share recommendations, advice, or personal stories with you.

  • However, while vow exchange ceremonies on the high seas are still trendy, these days most Christian cruises cater to married couples seeking to enrich their relationships through faith-based activities.

  • In May of 2004, the U.S. Department of Education and faith-based community leaders launched an initiative to inform Hispanic, Asian, and other parents of ELLs about the NCLB.

  • The Abeka curriculum is a K-12, accredited, faith-based homeschooling program that is also used by many Christian schools.

  • Abeka homeschool curriculum is faith-based and accelerated, which may or may not be suitable for your child.

  • Abeka Science is faith-based and promotes the view that God created the planet.

  • Abeka homeschool is an expensive alternative to other homeschooling curriculums, but its accelerated and faith-based coursework set it apart from other learning programs.

  • Using online Christian homeschool programs makes including faith-based materials in a homeschool simple and easy.

  • The company is faith-based and Christian principles are mentioned throughout the materials produced by the company.

  • From a faith-based perspective, there is a wide-spread belief that demons are the minions of Satan; however, many modern ghost hunters eschew this idea.

  • The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that provides year-round support for families in need, but especially during the holidays.

  • Outreach Groups: Faith-based outreach groups often offer free services for Christians in need of extra help.

  • Make it non-denominational - Don't offend any of your co-workers by having religious or faith based themes or decorations at your office party.

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