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fado Sentence Examples

  • And if you want to do well outside Portugal, it's better to be singing fado.

  • fado singer of her generation.

  • fado bars where folk bands perform soulful songs.

  • Ligia Roque is an actress, theater director and accomplished singer of fado, often called the Portuguese blues.

  • Ligia Roque is an actress, theater director and accomplished singer of fado, often called the Portuguese blues.

  • If you love wearing rings and bracelets with intricate Celtic patterns, you'll want to take a look at the unique designs of Fado Celtic jewelry.

  • Fado's superior selection of handcrafted jewelry includes options for both women and men - everything from crosses to tie-tacks.

  • Fado is based in Ireland, and the company's jewelry designers draw their inspiration from the rich Irish history as well as the country's lush and beautiful land.

  • Fado Celtic jewelry is handmade by professional artisans and bears a hall mark as a sign of its quality.

  • There is a great deal of history and tradition behind Fado jewelry and Celtic jewelry in general.

  • The claddagh was traditionally part of a ring that was given to a friend or used as a wedding ring, however the symbol is used on bangles, earrings and more in the Fado Celtic jewelry collection.

  • While the claddagh symbol is a favorite with the Fado artisans is used liberally in the company's jewelry, other classic Celtic designs are featured as well.

  • Interested in seeing what Fado has to offer?

  • Fado has a website where potential buyers can take a look at the company's unique Celtic designs.

  • Although Fado is well known for its wedding rings, the company offers a wide range of choices in jewelry.

  • Fado products make wonderful gifts for just about anyone, and they are particularly well-suited to those of Irish background.

  • Fado's crosses are perfect for commemorating a religious milestone, such as a confirmation, while claddagh rings and jewelry are a wonderful way to show a friend or loved one that you care.

  • Fado jewelry can be found in stores in North America, Europe and in Japan.

  • As mentioned before, you cannot buy Fado Jewelry through the company's website, however the site does have a list of dealers on its Resellers page.

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