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faddish Sentence Examples

  • faddish stock markets too bored by their businesses to value them properly.

  • She is aware that yoga has been glamorized recently and become faddish; Ali understands that it has become a huge business.

  • Some drawbacks are that the clothes are too faddish, don't run true to size and can be picked over.

  • Due to the faddish nature of this attire, younger men connected to the "hip" style pulse of the day were the usual wearers.

  • Even during the height of the suit's popularity, it was considered very faddish attire and that hasn't changed.

  • It's fine to pull a little inspiration from the 80s, but slimmer fits and more subtle colors will keep your look modern and classy instead of looking faddish.

  • Inside popular fashion magazines each month, we get to see a good deal of exciting style combinations and delicate looks, but if you're new to the scene of designer shoes, they may seem faddish or simply overpriced to you.

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