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faceplate Sentence Examples

  • Anyone know of issues with removing the faceplate with the power on.

  • Cut from a plank and mounted on the lathe using a faceplate, stood well back and switched on the lathe.

  • I chose a substantial board on which to mount a faceplate and drew an outline of the burr on it using straight lines.

  • Its now time to refit the replacement faceplate to the PSP body.

  • In this photograph you can see the large faceplate of the long bed lathe.

  • This now extends to even installing a new master socket faceplate to isolate the ADSL from your houses internal telephone extensions.

  • On the standard PSP faceplate, these sections are translucent.

  • First, a KeyCard is much easier to carry than a detachable faceplate; just slip it in your wallet, handbag or pocket.

  • Insert the LRP disk and cover the drive with small plastic faceplate.

  • faceplate work.

  • faceplate kit for the next generation console.

  • faceplate buttons.

  • The E5 Headstock (left) was also offered as a stand-alone bench unit for large diameter faceplate work.

  • Log in View Full Version: v975 steel faceplate rusting?

  • The plastic housing provides shuttering and fixing points to allow the module to be fixed to the metal faceplate.

  • With a clean and uncluttered layout, this aluminum faceplate deck looks classy and no-nonsense.

  • Both designs of the open face helmets have one thing in common: No front protective faceplate.

  • The Flip-Up Helmet offers a minimal chin guard and also has a faceplate that can be flipped up or down.

  • Replace the faceplate and replace the screws as well.

  • Unlike other cell phone accessories that may work with different models, a faceplate is specifically designed for each type of phone.

  • It is different than replacing the cell phone faceplate, as the faceplate is the actual covering on the phone itself that protects the precious innards, so to speak.

  • To do this, you may want to consider a personalized faceplate.

  • In some cases, changing the faceplate of your cell phone will.

  • You can use both a case and a faceplate or skin at once.

  • If you have a hard time removing faceplates when you're ready to switch up your look, you can pick up a faceplate removal pry tool for $4.95.

  • Skins seem to be the new faceplate covers.

  • You get the illusion of a new faceplate, but they just stick onto the existing surface.

  • The T-Mobile Dash faceplate selection is incredible, but if you still don't see what you want you may consider making your own skin for your phone.

  • The Coin Charm Watch features a sterling silver faceplate, and bracelet.

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