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facemask Sentence Examples

  • There is the possibility that incorrectly assembled respiratory therapy devices connected to a tight fitting facemask could also be a hazard.

  • Using a facemask on a suitable manikin, demonstrate rescue breathing for 2 minutes.

  • mask airway (LMA) or facemask was used.

  • The regulator mouthpiece passed through a hole in the center of the facemask.

  • Wear your facemask, goggles and ear protection when cutting the wood.

  • Another experimental device is a facemask that provides resistance when the individual inhales but not during exhalation.

  • Be sure to select the correct facemask for the particular position your son plays.

  • This may include a helmet with the interior foam padding, facemask and a chinstrap.

  • For example, the Schutt ION 4D Youth Helmet has a sleek style that has a wedge facemask and a polycarbonate shell.

  • Check out the Riddell Revolution Little Pro Youth / Junior Varsity Football Helmet with Facemask.

  • For example, the Adams Grid Elite Football Helmet has an attached facemask, jaw pads and chin strap.

  • That would be the facemask -- a hard steel cage that protects the face from impacts.

  • Depending on what your position is on the team, you may want to have a different facemask than your teammates.

  • If you're restoring an old helmet, you can even get a classic two-bar or U-shaped facemask.

  • Video and online games vary as to the facemask styles they allow the virtual players.

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