Euston sentence examples

  • The better residential district of Holborn, which extends northward to Euston Road in the borough of St Pancras, is mainly within the parish of St George, Bloomsbury.

  • The Great Northern, Midland and London & North-Western systems have adjacent termini, namely King's Cross, St Pancras and Euston, in Euston Road, St Pancras.

  • Experiments on a short section of the line were made in 1900, and later schemes were set on foot to electrify the District system and bring under one general control this railway, other lines in deep level " tubes " between Baker Street and Waterloo, between Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead, and between Hammersmith, Brompton, Piccadilly, King's Cross and Finsbury Park, and the London United Tramways Company.

  • The Great Northern, Piccadilly & Brompton line, from Finsbury Park to Hammersmith, was opened early in 1907, and the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead line later in the same year.

  • The first opened was the City & South London (1890), subsequently extended to run between Euston, the Angel, Islington, the Bank (City) and Clapham.

  • - Terminus and offices, Euston.

  • Both institutions have since been handsomely and suitably housed and equipped, the New hospital (in the Euston Road) being worked entirely by medical women, and the schools (in Hunter Street, W.C.) having over 200 students, most of them preparing for the medical degree of London University, which was opened to women in 1877.

  • The Palace Theater is easily commutable from London being only twenty minutes by train from Euston.

  • The Euston group, like the mainstream anti-war movement, appears incapable of grasping the world in its many-sided complexity.

  • The lifts at Euston were broken - much muttering from other travelers.

  • At 8.20 a.m. on Tuesday, 10 March, a tall, well-dressed man entered a pawnshop in Seymour Street, Euston.

  • portended ill for Euston's survival.

  • intercity trains to Euston (53 minutes) and to Birmingham.

  • She maintained at first good terms with William and Mary; but the practice of her religion aroused jealousies, while her establishment at Somerset House was said to be the home of cabals against the government; and in 1691 she settled for a short time at Euston.

  • The postal area is divided into eight districts, commonly designated by initials (which it is customary to employ in writing addresses) - East Central (E.C., the City, north to Pentonville and City Roads, west to Gray's Inn Road and the Law Courts); West Central (W.C., from Euston Road to the Thames, and west to Tottenham Court Road); West (W., from Piccadilly and Hyde Park north to Marylebone and Edg 1 The report appeared in eight volumes, the first of which, containing the general conclusions to which allusion is here made, bore the number, as a blue-book, Cd.

  • Intercity trains to Euston (53 minutes) and to Birmingham.

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