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  • Decker, Die griechische Helena in Mythos and Epos (1894); Andrew Lang, Helen of Troy (1883); P. Paris in Daremberg and Saglio's Dictionnaire des antiquites; the exhaustive article by R.

  • Khalateants, arrives at a similar conclusion in his Armianskie Epos (Moscow, 1896).

  • Other features are borrowed by the Mandaean mythology under this head from the well-known epos of Istar's descensus ad inferos.

  • Between this outlet and the Dipylon were found a boundary-stone, inscribed Epos Kepaµ€LKou, which remains in its place, and the foundations of a large rectangular building, possibly the Pompeium, which may have been a robing-room for the processions which passed this way.

  • LYCAEUS (Mons Lycaeus, AbXacov Epos: mod.

  • Ithaca, according to the Homeric epos, was the royal seat and residence of King Odysseus.

  • In the Orthodox Eastern Church Palm Sunday (Kvpcadi or EopTi) TWV J3a wv iopril Oaioc Epos, or 11 i a1046pos) is not included in Holy Week, but is regarded as a joyous festival commemorating Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

  • His mythological or pastoral dramas, his great satiric epos of Adam Homo (1841-1848), his comedies, his lyrics, and above all his noble philosophic tragedy of Kalanus, prove the immense breadth of his compass, and the inexhaustible riches of his imagination.

  • Helbig, Das homerische Epos aus den Denkmalern erlautert (1884), and the article "Currus" in Daremberg and Saglio, Dictionnaire des Antiquites.

  • The views of Karl Mallenhoff, which, though no longer tenable as a whole, have formed the basis of most of the subsequent criticism, may be best studied in his posthumous work, Beovulf, Untersuchungen fiber das angelsachsische Epos (1889).

  • Helbig, Das homerische Epos aus den Denkmdlern erlautert (Leipzig, 1884; 2nd ed., ibid., 1887); W.

  • It was not until, in 1835, the national epos of Finland, the Kalewala (q.v.), was introduced to readers by the exertions of Elias Lonnrot, that the Finnish language was used for literary composition.

  • The saga, or epos, was a great advance upon the myth, for in it the deeds of men replace or tend to replace the deeds of the gods.

  • His story is a vast prose epos, in which science is to this extent subordinated to art.

  • Marduk destroys Tiamat in a similar manner to that in which Daniel destroys the dragon (Delitzsch, Das babylonische Weltschopfung Epos), by driving a storm-wind into the dragon which rends it asunder.

  • PENTELICUS (BpAno-o-Os, or Iievtexlkov Epos from the deme IIEVTEXq; mod.

  • In Walachia .a certain Ion Budai Deleanu, a man of great learning, author of a hitherto unpublished Rumanian dictionary of great value, wrote a satirical epos in which gipsies play the chief part.

  • In 1846 Mazuranic published his Smrt Smail Aga Cengiea ("Death of Ismail Aga Cengic"), called by Serbo-Croats the "Epos of Hate."

  • Viirtheim, De Ajacis Origine, Cultu, Patria (Leiden, 1907), according to whom he and Ajax Oileus, as depicted in epos, were originally one, a Locrian daemon somewhat resembling the giants.

  • Actinic CEO Chris Barling comments, " Companies that do adopt epos soon find that they could not manage without it.

  • epos solutions.. .

  • Epos system A PC based epos system A PC based epos system is used in Cartridge City Stores.

  • epos sales data from the participating bars was compared with sales in control sites.

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  • In contrast, dental health maintenance organizations (DHMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and exclusive provider organizations (EPOs) utilize a closed panel of doctors.

  • EPOs are similar to PPOs in that you are offered a choice of dentists to select from.

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