Entrails sentence examples

  • Crocodiles are caught in various ways, - for instance, with two pointed sticks, which are fastened crosswise within the bait, an animal's entrails, to which is attached a rope.

  • Vines, in particular, are the entrails of Chokanipok.

  • In the Malay Peninsula, parts of Polynesia, &c., it is conceived as a head with attached entrails, which issues, it may be from the grave, to suck the blood of living human beings.

  • Their art (disciplina) consisted especially in deducing the will of the gods from the appearance presented by the entrails of the slain victim.

  • Hutton describes his specimens as sucking the juices of flies, which they had stuck down with their slime, and they have been observed in captivity to devour the entrails which have been removed from their fellows, and to eat raw sheep's liver.

  • The blood is converted into clarifying material, the entrails are used for sausage coverings, the hoofs and small bones furnish the raw material for the manufacture of glue, the large bones are carved into knife handles, and the horns into combs, the fats are made to yield butterine, lard and soap, and the hides and hair are used in the manufacture of mattresses and felts.

  • With a very sharp knife, slit the length of the belly of the fish and remove the entrails.

  • He imagined opening it and letting out a nexus of multi-coloured wires, or bloody entrails.

  • Haruspication, or the inspection of entrails, was justified on similar grounds, and in the case of omens from birds or animals, no less than in astrology, it was held that the facts from which inferences were drawn were themselves in part the causes of the events which they foretold, thus fortifying the belief in the possibility of divination.

  • (ii.) In haruspication, or the inspection of entrails, in scapulomancy or divination by the speal-bone or shoulder-blade, in divination by footprints in ashes, found in Australia, Peru and Scotland, the voluntary element is prominent, for the diviner must take active steps to secure the conditions necessary to divination.

  • To please the god, the victim must be without spot or blemish, and the practice of observing whether the entrails presented any abnormal appearance, and thence deducing the will of heaven, was also very important in Greek religion.

  • The boy was afterwards entrusted to the care of Chiron, who, to give him the strength necessary for war, fed him with the entrails of lions and the marrow of bears and wild boars.

  • But just as gods are not necessarily spiritual, demons may also be regarded as corporeal; vampires for example are sometimes described as human heads with appended entrails, which issue from the tomb to attack the living during the night watches.

  • bloodyment later it surfaced with dripping entrails and what looked to be gnarled clumps of brain tissue clamped between its bloodied teeth.

  • entrails of sacrificial victims or the flight or speech of oracular birds.

  • Witch doctors casting the runes or examining chicken entrails would probably be as useful.

  • Or maybe later, depending on how you read the entrails at the Web site.

  • It uses the entrails, in particular the intestines of human sacrifices.

  • They deemed it indeed a duty to cover their altars with the blood of captives and to consult their deities through human entrails.

  • My very entrails burn for want of drink, My bowels cry, Humber, give us some meat.

  • entrails spill out onto the ground.

  • The blood of the victim may be drunk by the priest as a means of inducing inspiration, its entrails may be employed in divination, its flesh consumed in a common meal, exposed to the birds and beasts of prey or buried in the earth.

  • The seer (roeh) appears individually, and his function was probably not so much one of speech as of the routine of close observation of the entrails of slaughtered victims, like the Assyrian baru (see Priest).

  • Among the other means of discovering the will of the gods were the casting of lots, oracles of Apollo (in the hands of the college sacris faciundis), but chiefly the examination of the entrails of animals slain for sacrifice (see Omen).

  • This bacterium can be spread to the meat during the process of skinning and removing the entrails.

  • Patera (Father) Silk, the protagonist, is a priest and auger; he divines the intention of the gods through the reading of animal entrails.

  • A favorite method of divination was reading sheep or goat entrails.

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