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elvish Sentence Examples

  • elvish sword of great antiquity.

  • All eight members of the Fellowship of the Ring from Lord of the Rings sports a tattoo in Elvish, including Ian McEllan.

  • All nine actors from the film series Lord of the Rings got the Elvish word for nine tattooed after finishing the films.

  • With the movie production of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the melodic elvish language of Arda took on a new life.

  • Fauskanger has taken great care to include links to various sites that can give you more details and information about all things elvish, including names and the elvish language of Arda.

  • According to Tolkien's linguistic dictionary, The Lhamas, if you examine the elvish names, you'll notice that most of them are compound words or in many instances form a phrase.

  • Legolas's nickname is Greenleaf, probably because it just sounds more manly than the elvish translation that means Nimbleleaf.

  • Some websites offer lists of English names, along with the meaning assigned to each and then give you the elvish version of the name.

  • This way, you can use the elvish name with a greater understanding of its intended meaning.

  • Arwen-Undomiel is a site that gives girl names in an elvish language.

  • For those who role play and want to select an elvish name, the common rule in creating an elf name is to use an adjective and noun combination as given in the example of Legolas.

  • If you're a fan of World of Warcraft (WoW), an online role-playing game that has thousands of players, then an elvish name fits in well with having just the one name moniker.

  • One phenomenon that has increased over the past years and seems directly related to the LOTR movies is that people are naming their babies with elvish names, especially those from LOTR.

  • However, aside from the long bow, Legolas carried his Elvish long-knife in his boot.

  • Tolkien fan in the market for a Lord of the Rings Elvish dictionary, you may be surprised to learn there are a variety of resources to choose from.

  • While Tolkien is attributed with writing several languages as part of developing his fictional worlds, the Elvish languages developed for his stories includes basic terminology and are not a languages with large or complex vocabularies.

  • Some would even say the Elvish languages are not complete languages.

  • The two primary types of Elvish are Sindarin and Quenya.

  • These two languages are the most developed of the Lord of the Rings Elvish languages because material left behind by Tolkien on these two languages is substantial compared to the other Elvish languages found in his writings.

  • Ardalambion: This is a comprehensive site with a dictionary and a large selection of tools to help people learn the Lord of the Rings Elvish language.

  • Dictionary of the Elvish Language: Provides meanings for words in both Sindarin and Quenya languages.

  • Along with dictionary help, they provide Sindarin Elvish language tools including a summary of Sindarin grammar and Sindarin pronouns as well as courses for the two primary Elvish languages.

  • The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship -- This site includes convincing background that the shows the Lord of the Rings Elvish languages are incomplete.

  • A Gateway To Sindarin: A Grammar of an Elvish Language from J.

  • Remember that Tolkien's Elvish languages are not complete languages.

  • Due to this fact, different Elvish dictionaries, even if based on Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien resources, may not totally agree on translation.

  • Another consideration when looking for a dictionary is to be sure the dictionary you use online or buy in print is based on Lord of the Rings Elvish and not some other Elvish language.

  • That language is Tengwar, or more commonly referred to as Elvish by fans.

  • Although, overall Elvish was based on the Finnish language as well as Latin, Tolkien based the Sindarin mode upon the Welsh language.

  • If you're looking to learn Elvish and start writing in the language, it really isn't too difficult to learn once you understand all of the rules of the language.

  • This may take time, but with practice you can get the hang of writing in Elvish.

  • The tutorial is a surprisingly thorough explanation of how to write using the Elvish alphabet.

  • He also provides a free explanation of the language, including an image of the entire Tengwar alphabet, that you can use in your own efforts to learn Elvish.

  • At Star Chamber, you'll find this comprehensive guide on the Elvish alphabet that promises to show you how to "write your name in Elvish in ten minutes."

  • It's not entirely guaranteed that you'll learn to write your name in Elvish in ten minutes, but one thing that you're guaranteed to find at this website is a much better understanding of the alphabet and how the language works.

  • Telefonica offers this interesting tool called an "Elvish alphabet cheat sheet."

  • Basically, the tool helps you transform English letters into Elvish letters, and properly place the vowels where they need to go.

  • With the resources listed above, you should have no problem learning not only the basic Elvish alphabet, but also how to write entire sentences and even pages of text in the Tengwar language.

  • The Elvish language of Quenya was inspired by Finnish, while Khudzul was inspired by the Hebrew languages.

  • Lord of the Rings Wiki - The Wiki site offers a break down of the Elvish languages, dialects, prononuciations and more.

  • Elvish (including Quenya and Sindarin) The Quenya quote, "Elen sila lûmenn' omentielvo" means "A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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