Electric-motors sentence examples

  • The weight required to cause the downward motion is obtained either by means of the material which has to be transported to the bottom of the hill or by water ballast, while to aid and regulate the motion generally steam or electric motors are arranged to act on the main drums, round which the cable is passed with a sufficient number of turns to prevent slipping.

  • These machines weigh from 20 to 22 cwt., and are mostly driven by electric motors of 25 up to 35 h.p. as a maximum.

  • In some instances electric motors have been substituted for compressed-air engines in such machines.

  • Notable examples are found in the Rateau, Ser and Capell fans, and where an electric generating station is available electric motors can be advantageously used instead of steam.

  • Modern screening and washing plants, especially when the small coal forms a considerable proportion of the output, are large and costly, requiring machinery of a capacity of ioo to 150 tons per hour, which absorbs 350 to 400 H.P. In this, as in many other cases, electric motors supplied from a central station are now preferred to separate steam-engines.

  • The bridge can be opened in 2 minutes, and is operated by two large electric motors.

  • The electric motors are under the control of the driver in a cabin on the car.

  • The telescope is moved in right ascension and declination by electric motors controlled from positions convenient for the observer.

  • The diesel hybrid drivetrain comprises a pack of high voltage batteries to supply the electric motors.

  • Soft magnetic materials also play an important role in electric motors where they enhance the field produced by the motor windings.

  • Mechanical energy may be developed in bulk at a central station conveniently situated with regard to a coal-field or a waterfall, and after transformation by means of electric generators into electric energy it may be transmitted to the locomotive and then by means of electric motors be retransformed into mechanical energy at the axles to which the motors are applied.

  • per hour, according to the distance between stations Later practice takes advantage of the great increase in power that can be temporarily developed by electric motors during the period of acceleration; this, in proportion to the weight of the train to be hauled, gives results much in advance of those obtained on ordinary steam railways.

  • However, in most cases, the electric motors are removed since most Amish woodworking shops, or homes, do not have electricity.

  • The ride uses more than 2,500 LED lights - more than any individual ride in theme park history - to produce 3D animation effects and has upgraded efficiency electric motors and programming that minimize energy use.

  • Electric Powered Engines - Electric engines are small electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries.

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