Eke-out sentence examples

  • Pensioners are forced to retire and then eke out a miserable living.

  • She endeavoured unsuccessfully to eke out her irregularly paid allowance by those expedients to which reduced gentlewomen are driven - fancywork and painting fans and snuff-boxes; she lived in a garret and was often unable to allow herself the luxury of a fire.

  • In times of scarcity the Norse peasant-farmer uses the sweetish inner bark, beaten in a mortar and ground in his primitive mill with oats or barley, to eke out a scanty supply of meal, the mixture yielding a tolerably palatable though somewhat resinous substitute for his ordinary flad-brod.

  • The pay of his rank was small, and his appointment on the quartermaster-general's staff made it necessary to keep two horses, so that he had to write mathematical school-books in his spare time to eke out his resources.

  • There are only a few scattered settlements within its borders, and a few nomadic tribes of savages eke out a miserable existence on the coast.

  • corner of James Bay, being frozen in a few days later, and during the long winter months which were passed there only a scanty supply of game was secured to eke out the ship's provisions.

  • In the southern districts hemp and flax are raised, but grain crops are little cultivated, so that the bark of trees has often to be ground up to eke out the scanty supply of flour.

  • Nomadic tribes still eke out a living from the surrounding deserts.

  • Depending on where you live, winter vegetable growing can mean extending the growing season to eke out several weeks more of fresh vegetables or truly growing vegetables during the winter months.

  • Most seem to be living fairly normal lives, some have managed to eke out a few more moments in the celebrity spotlight and a few have run afoul of the law.

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