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egalitarian Sentence Examples

  • The first argument, similarly, does not seem obviously compatible with a morally egalitarian theory such as Rawls's.

  • Finally everyone is able to express his or her creativity and imagination, music has become more egalitarian, if a little bland.

  • My generation has been and remains obsessed with the problems of identity and with finding an egalitarian and just social system.

  • John Major promised to reform the system to make in more egalitarian in the face of growing political embarrassment.

  • most libertarians would, of course, reject this view as too egalitarian and most egalitarians would reject it for being too libertarian.

  • The Old Etonian Mr Letwin is, paradoxically, the true egalitarian.

  • egalitarian liberalism.

  • egalitarian ideology.

  • egalitarian society where nobody is either extremely wealthy or in abject poverty.

  • egalitarian liberals who emphasize the equality of all groups within the nation.

  • egalitarian citizenship must be about more than the ability to vote.

  • egalitarian principles reach beyond a simple division of the limelight.

  • Meanwhile, pay levels as a whole remain much more egalitarian.

  • For me quot coverage is higher care egalitarian access.

  • In particular, the practices around assessment and the awarding of credit stand forever in the way of a truly egalitarian online pedagogy.

  • In the past, society in Northern Ireland has been very egalitarian.

  • Self help groups are essentially egalitarian and cooperative gatherings which put shared experience and personal stories at the heart of the group.

  • Suppose that social justice requires a relatively egalitarian distribution of resources.

  • Misunderstood and under-appreciated, Buchanan created a vision of politics that was both more radically egalitarian and more secular than anything before.

  • Acting independently, he argues, governments make policy decisions that are too egalitarian.

  • Nowhere is this truer than in the small, egalitarian, formerly ethnically homogeneous states of Sweden and Denmark.

  • Spurred by the egalitarian ideals of the French Revolution, the free coloreds revolted.

  • egalitarian liberals agree with libertarians that utilitarianism fails to take seriously the inviolability of the person.

  • Disputes about public policy toward the poor provide the clearest demonstration of the incompatibility between sectional anti-racism and egalitarian liberalism.

  • propounding egalitarian principle 1 place great emphasis on the idea that a school should be based on its geographical community.. .

  • civic republicanism is fundamentally an egalitarian form of politics.

  • Civic republicanism is fundamentally an egalitarian form of politics.

  • For many, nudism was not just a therapeutic practice; it was a revolutionary plan for an egalitarian utopia.

  • On the home front, married working mothers, even those whose husbands espouse an egalitarian philosophy, still find themselves saddled with most of the housework and child care responsibilities.

  • In the egalitarian world of the web, that sounds like an excellent way to run a group as individualistic as web designers are.

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