Educations sentence examples

  • Loans have become so common many students don't stop and think if they really need to borrow money to pay for their college educations.

  • The rearing of worms in small educations under special supervision has been found to be a most effective means of combating pebrine.

  • Small educations reared apart from the ordinary magnanerie, for the production of graine alone, were recommended.

  • As the tuition rates for Catholic school and college continue to rise, many students and their families are forced to take on huge amounts of debt to finance their educations.

  • The jobs are flexible and allow students to pursue their degrees while earning money to offset the cost of their educations.

  • Undergraduate courses through distance learning are worthwhile choices for people who want to expand their resumes or seek maximum flexibility while furthering their educations.

  • Despite the differences between colleges and universities, they both have tremendous advantages for students who intend to advance their educations.

  • Ivy League institutions, for example, are very selective and expensive at least partially because they offer some of the best-quality educations to students around the world, even when compared with other leading international schools.

  • Some schools only allow a few entrants in their programs each year, while others offer video game educations to hundreds or thousands.

  • Employers tend reward workers who have degrees and who seek opportunities to continue their educations because they are seen as highly motivated and ambitious.

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