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educates Sentence Examples

  • It was instituted in 1871, and educates about 220 boys.

  • 492), educates young and old, and fashions them according to its pleasure.

  • Reason creates and educates itself within and through the totality of social and historical actuality.

  • byways of country life educates, enthralls and entertains.

  • It was instituted in 1871, and educates about 220 boys.

  • 492), educates young and old, and fashions them according to its pleasure.

  • Once a counselor educates a person on how to create a budget, they can usually keep out of debt in the future and repair their credit rating as well.

  • Kaplan University has grown significantly over the years, and now educates more than 48,000 enrolled students.

  • Treatment Protocols educates veterinarians on the current indicators of illness, how to treat various degrees of the disease and what to do in emergency situations.

  • To Tie a Tie: This comprehensive site not only identifies the four most common tie knots, but also educates readers on the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as when and where to sport a particular knot.

  • NSF works to encourage research and educates individuals on discoveries that are sleep related, including treatment for sleep problems.

  • The organization educates and trains professionals in this field.

  • Wine Spectator is what the publishing trade terms a lifestyle magazine, a periodical that helps and educates the masses of people who think of wine as part of their lifestyle.

  • A midwife teaches, educates and empowers women to take control of their own health care.

  • The course also educates participants about fat burners, supplements, how to train smarter, my favorite diet tricks, and irreplaceable motivational tips.

  • We have a senior nutrition program that provides over 300 seniors a 35 pound box of food each month of the year, educates them on healthy eating habits and provides them with information on where to get additional assistance if required.

  • The Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP) educates restaurant owners on all aspects of offering gluten-free dining, from menu options to staff training to marketing their gluten-free restaurant menus.

  • The Frugal Living blog also educates its readers about e-coupons.

  • With over 30 years under its belt, the Autism Treatment Center of America's Son-Rise Program educates families with the goal of helping them design and implement effective home-based treatment programs.

  • Assurant educates property managers to think of offering renters insurance as a way to increase revenue and reduce liability.

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