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eci Sentence Examples

  • James Martin 21st Century School The ECI is a founding member of a generous benefaction to create the James Martin 21st Century School.

  • 262-267) that Palmyra was administered by his deputy Septimius Worod, " procurator ducenarius of Caesar our lord," also styled " commandant," as being Odenathus' viceroy (eci yairETrts, NSI.

  • The ECI can also be used to involve parents in its use as a means of increasing knowledge of the child.

  • This part of the ECI tests the child's level of sensorimotor skills: visual attention, reaction to touch, self-regulation of basic body functions, tolerance for various body positions, and activity level depending on various situations.

  • The ECI can assess reactive behavior, including tolerance of frustration, ability to "bounce back" after stressful events, and capacity to adapt to changes in the environment.

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