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eatery Sentence Examples

  • They all enjoyed the Main Street eatery, next to the newly renovated Beaumont Hotel, the queen's-castle of the Victorian town.

  • They all enjoyed the Main Street eatery, next to the newly renovated Beaumont Hotel, the queen's-castle of the Victorian town.

  • eatery located on Farmington Ave in the retail district of West Hartford, Connecticut.

  • Atmosphere: More your cosmopolitan family eatery than your seaside tavern.

  • Considered by many the best seafood eatery in town, it was awarded a Michelin star in 2002.

  • Andrew always manages to discover a decent eatery to take me to, like The Marylebone Kitchen.

  • The Blue Bicycle is a fine French eatery that was famously once a brothel.

  • eatery in town, it was awarded a Michelin star in 2002.

  • eatery in the heart of Soho.

  • eatery in the beautiful city of Glasgow closed.

  • eatery people are drawn to Spitalfields for the wide variety of eateries found around the markets.

  • eatery 600 meter long beach is flanked by the seafront promenade, which due to its urbanized setting boasts many eateries & retail outlets.

  • eatery is a treat of a restaurant among the many special Italian eateries around the city.

  • Pizza and red wine in Heywoods only open eatery after sunset - the family owned pizzeria is highly recommended.

  • Visitors to Fallingwater can enjoy light meals, pastries, and beverages at the on-site Fallingwater Cafe, an airy, self-service eatery adjoining the property.

  • Now, Ramsay is opening his own New York City eatery.

  • This higher-end contemporary Italian eatery has DeVito's signature meal: a $325 trio of steaks from the United States, Japan and Australia.

  • Windjammer Marketplace: This eatery offers buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Therefore it's important to inquire about the charge prior to choosing an eatery if you want to avoid a surprise on your room bill.

  • You could also plan your meals at an eatery that is not affiliated with the indoor water park.

  • Each eatery has its own flavor and crowd in which it caters.

  • Also offering American cuisine, this eatery is best-known for its dancing workers and for loudly -- and publicly -- embarrassing people on their birthdays.

  • For classic seafood with a 1940s twist, this Gulf Coast eatery has it all.

  • It may not sounds like a Mexican restaurant, but this eatery is the best place for a fiesta.

  • The popular eatery is located on the cliffs to the north of Ocean Beach, which provides diners with stunning views of San Francisco.

  • The eatery burnt to the ground on September 7, 1907, but was rebuilt by 1909.

  • Hard Rock Café: Coupon for this Las Vegas eatery.

  • In addition to using coupons for BOGO restaurant savings, you can also check your favorite eatery's happy hour, lunch and daily specials for BOGO deals.

  • Located on Broadway, this popular eatery is in the heart of the city.

  • Variety is the spice of life and they have got it all at this fun-filled eatery.

  • The Wall Street Journal even went as far as printing on its front page that she was the eatery's "Biggest Celebrity Fan."

  • Greasy food can weigh you down the next day's activities, but an eatery that serves light, delectable food will nourish tired muscles and bones.

  • The eatery doubles as both a restaurant and a fish market, and they are committed to sustainable fishing practices.

  • The eatery also offers many unusual cocktails and a long list of wines and beers, as well as plenty of non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Look up, the ceiling is where this eatery's name comes from; it looks like the inside of a canoe.

  • The eatery has a quiet atmosphere with a friendly staff that ensures everything you order is made the way you like it.

  • This two-level eatery has a distinguished second-level dinning section as well as a fully stocked bar and lounge area.

  • The eatery features a number of house specialties that showcase the talents of the kitchen staff.

  • In this eatery, it is not unusual to find chicken souvlaki, hamburgers, moussaka, matzah ball soup, and baked ziti on the same menu.

  • Enjoy a drink, some food and a game of pool at this family-friendly eatery with a children's menu.

  • The restaurant uses fresh cheese and has a wide selection of toppings, and the casual eatery does offer take out options.

  • At this no-frills, fast food eatery, you scoop up your food from cafeteria trays using plastic utensils.

  • Sample the eatery's famous sauerbraten, which is made from a not-so-secret recipe of fresh cubed beef, gingersnaps, gravy and fluffy potato dumplings.

  • This eatery specializes in chicken, slow cooked beans and fried plantains, among other culinary delights.

  • This warm and sophisticated eatery of "rustic elegance" offers seasonal cuisine to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used.

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