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east lothian
  • Under this management the produce seems to have been three times the seed; and yet, says the writer, " if in East Lothian they did not leave a higher stubble than in other places of the kingdom, their grounds would be in a much worse condition than at present they are, though bad enough."

  • WILLIAM DUNBAR (c. 1460 - c. 1520), Scottish poet, was probably a native of East Lothian.

  • In these districts and others the number has become much reduced, owing doubtless in part to the fatal practice of catching the birds just before or during the breeding-season; but perhaps the strongest cause of their growing scarcity is the constant breaking-up of waste lands, and the extirpation of weeds (particularly of the order Compositae) essential to the improved system of agriculture; for in many parts of Scotland, East Lothian for instance, where goldfinches were once as plentiful as sparrows, they are now only rare stragglers, and yet there they have not been thinned by netting.

  • ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN ROSSLYN, 1sT Earl of (1733-1805), Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, was the eldest son of Peter Wedderburn (a lord of session as Lord Chesterhall), and was born in East Lothian on the 13th of February 1733.

  • It was, of course, not to be expected that an Oxonian Tory should praise the Presbyterian polity and ritual, or that an eye accustomed to the hedgerows and parks of England should not be struck by the bareness of Berwickshire and East Lothian.

  • The Campsie, Kilpatrick and Dumbarton hills, the high ground from Greenock to Ardrossan, and the Carleton Hills in East Lothian are examples of the plateaus, while Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and the Binn of Burntisland illustrate the puys.

  • The first hawthorn hedges in Scotland are said to have been planted by soldiers of Cromwell at Inch Buckling Brae in East Lothian and Finlarig in Perthshire.

  • William Knox was "simple," not "gentle"- perhaps a prosperous East Lothian peasant.

  • "A subject born within the same," was the answer of the son of the East Lothian peasant; and the Scottish nobility, while thinking him overbold, refused to find him guilty of any crime, even when, later on, he had "convocated the lieges" to Edinburgh to meet a crown prosecution.

  • The Cheviot takes its name from the range of hills stretching along the boundary between England and Scotland, on both sides of which the breed now extends, though larger types are produced in East Lothian and in Sutherlandshire.

  • It was good to hear that Willie sees staff in East Lothian to be deeply committed to the concept of inclusion.

  • Chocolate Falls UK Based in East Lothian Area Served Scotland Our chocolate fondue fountain will always provide the wow factor at any event.

  • Mr Balfour owned the first gramophone seen or heard in East Lothian and also the first car.

  • Ross Galloway then made a welcome return from the vast lawless hinterlands of East Lothian.

  • On the traffic front and pedestrianization that is a along story mainly revolving around East Lothian Council.

  • There is a strain grown in Scotland under the name of the East Lothian Intermediate Stock, and much used there for beds and borders, the climate exactly suiting it for late summer blooming.

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