Earwax sentence examples

  • A perforated eardrum can be prevented by avoiding insertion of any object into the ear to clean it or to remove earwax (cerumen).

  • Glands within the skin of the canal produce a waxy substance called cerumen (popularly called earwax).

  • Less common causes of cerumen impaction include overproduction of earwax by the glands in the ear canal or an abnormally narrow ear canal that tends to trap the wax.

  • Impaction-A condition in which earwax has become tightly packed in the outer ear to the point that the external ear canal is blocked.

  • Think about inventing a flexible yet discrete device for decisively removing earwax.

  • Hearing aids push earwax further back into the ear canal therefore it accumulates and creates a wax plug.

  • earwax removal is a procedure commonly undertaken by nurses in various settings.

  • AUDICLEAN works in three ways - it cleans ears safely and effectively, disperses earwax plugs and prevents the build-up of earwax plugs and prevents the build-up of earwax.

  • Another cause of conductive hearing impairment is an excessive build-up of earwax that prevents sound waves from reaching the eardrum.

  • Although earwax, produced by glands in the outer ear canal, normally works its way out of the ear, sometimes excessive amounts build-up and harden in the outer ear canal, gradually impairing hearing.

  • Excessive earwax usually can be removed at home, following a doctor's instructions.

  • If necessary a doctor may remove earwax using suction or a metal probe.

  • Cerumen impaction refers to the buildup of layers of earwax within the ear canal to the point of blocking the canal and putting pressure on the eardrum.

  • Ironically, cerumen impaction is often caused by misguided attempts to remove earwax.

  • Cerumen impaction develops when earwax accumulates in the inner part of the ear canal and blocks the eardrum.

  • The pain is caused by the pressure of several layers of impacted earwax against the eardrum.

  • In children younger than one year, cerumen impaction is sometimes discovered during a routine check-up when the doctor finds that the earwax is blocking his or her view of the eardrum.

  • Older children or adolescents who try to remove earwax themselves with hair pins or similar objects run the risk of perforating the eardrum or damaging the fragile skin covering the ear canal, causing bleeding and the risk of infection.

  • It is normal for the ear canal to have some yellowish-brown earwax.

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