Eared sentence examples

  • eared owl sitting on a fence post.

  • The still more magnificently clad gold pheasants (Thaumalea), and the eared pheasants (Crossoptilon), are also confined to certain districts in the mountains of north-eastern Asia.

  • The plant is an annual herb with flexuose branches, and alternately arranged pinnately compound leaves, with small, oval, serrated leaflets and small eared stipules.

  • Among them are the " white " pheasant, the Ceriornis temminckii, two kinds of eared pheasant and Anderson's pheasant.

  • Large numbers of grebes - great crested, eared, and little, - gulls and pelicans frequent the lake.

  • Eared grebes and ring-billed gulls breed on the sloughs of the plains, and rarely the white pelican nests about the lake shores.

  • The first was of private origin, and had as its author Pierre of P. Mathieu, the Lyons jurist(1563-1621);it a eared Y J appeare 1590 at Lyons.

  • Donald suggested we look for (Violet) eared dove in the Vieux Fort area in the south.

  • dwarf lop eared male rabbit named Bright Eyes.

  • eared willow over 20 years through natural regeneration?

  • eared bat has finely tuned this process.

  • eared rabbit called Friday.

  • eared seals.

  • ow Pit the Long Eared Ow l was in its usual place, 127 Pochard and 64 Tufted Duck were on Long Pit.

  • Of note from the 14th was a Long eared owl perched by the scrape.

  • We also have a Lop eared rabbit called Smudge.

  • Floppy eared dogs, like beagles and cocker spaniels, are more prone to ear infections because moisture and dirt is easily trapped in their ear canals.

  • eared dove: Many outside hotel in Quito on 29th, & again in Quito on 5th 6th.

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