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e-card Sentence Examples

  • Luckily, the e-card business is booming and there is no shortage of free greeting card sites from which to send a wonderful birthday greeting.

  • Each e-card is completely personalized by your child.

  • If you're on a tight budget and your event is very informal, another alternative is to send free e-card invitations using a site such as 10001 10051 -102001 -102001 ecards unEcardandMore E-Cards?lid=unEcardandMore

  • In this modern age, it is not unheard of for a person to send their message of thanks as an e-card.

  • You can even send an e-card to people who don't use the service.

  • An e-card, however, should not replace other romantic gifts or events on Valentine's Day because it could indicate a lack of effort or dedication to making the day special.

  • Sending an Internet card may be simple and you may think it's an easy way out of spending time searching for one, but be aware that some people do not place as much value on a e-card as they do on regular store bought or handmade cards.

  • If you must use an e-card, make sure you have at least a gift or romantic plans to go along with it.

  • Don't take advantage of this day, send your sweetheart a Valentine e-card, follow up with another card, a gift or a romantic evening!

  • Keep reading for websites you can visit right now to choose the perfect love e card.

  • You can find romance e cards on two different types of websites: general e card sites, and sites that cater specifically to romance.

  • BlueMountain - One of the original e card producers, this site has over 70 different romance cards you can send to your sweetie.

  • That being said, you may want to tell the recipient you sent an e card so that he or she will know that it's real and to be on the lookout for it.

  • Free E-card sites are abundant, and as technology grows, so does the quality and creativity of these trendy little messages on the Web.

  • E-card site with a wide selection of free birthday cards for kids.

  • Lastly, traditional card manufacturers such as Hallmark have begun to stake their claim in the E-card industry as well.

  • A beautiful e-card can serve as an RSVP to a wedding invitation, particularly if the invitation was sent via e-mail.

  • Guests who are unable to attend the festivities may send an e-card scheduled to arrive just before or after the wedding day.

  • An e-card is an appropriate response for prospective guests who are not close to the couple.

  • If the couple elopes or has a destination wedding that few guests can attend, an e-card is a great way to stay close to the couple.

  • If you have a valid e-mail address, you've probably received at least one e-card from a friend or family member.

  • Hallmark: Whether you're looking for a child's birthday greeting or a funny e-card for a coworker, you're guaranteed to find what you need on the Hallmark website.

  • An e-card takes just minutes to send and will arrive in your recipient's inbox almost immediately.

  • Visit this site to send a free e-card to your loved one, with or without a coordinating teddy bear.

  • While general e-card websites typically offer an assortment of free accident/get well e-cards, many hospitals across the country are now getting into the e-card business as well.

  • If you know where the recipient of your e-card is being treated, check the hospital's website to see if this service is available.

  • There are several benefits to adding music to a free e-card.

  • When adding music to an e-card, the exact tune must be carefully chosen.

  • Many large e-card distributors allow senders to select from a range of musical accompaniments for their standard greetings, or senders can visit more specialized websites for specific types of music.

  • They should note, however, that it is not generally considered appropriate to announce an engagement via a free e-card to very close family members such as parents or siblings; these individuals should be told in person if possible.

  • Many of the major online e-card websites offer their own take on talking cards, and even more offer free trial memberships to new customers.

  • Always read the fine print, terms, and conditions before accepting any trial e-card membership offer.

  • A musicgram is a lot like receiving an e-card in an email from a friend.

  • Party City bills itself as "The Discount Party Superstore." Browse the product selection available in their 500 stores, send an e-card, read helpful party tips, or join the Birthday Club to access special features.

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