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drumbeat Sentence Examples

  • drumbeat of war.

  • The author skilfully weaves his plot punctuated by the rhythmic drumbeat which heralds the appearance of the new moon.

  • Ms Short had opened the debate by saying: " We can all hear the drumbeat of war.

  • Echoing street sounds lead into the lovely bass theme of ' Chelsea Monday ' (8:16 ), backed by a pounding drumbeat.

  • Variation makes it very difficult, if not downright impossible to improve a process by making the work flow and setting the drumbeat.

  • The method I use most frequently is repetitious sound in the form of a steady drumbeat.

  • The next time I surfaced, my head was throbbing with a heavy metal drumbeat that threatened to drive me mad.

  • He marches to his own drumbeat, uninfluenced by others.

  • The splendor of the surroundings are described in vivid detail to a backdrop of an understated yet dramatic drumbeat.

  • Over a hypnotic drumbeat, the vocals are split and phased, comin ' at you from each speaker in a double attack.

  • repetitious sound in the form of a steady drumbeat.

  • The drumbeat of media speculation is growing ever louder that Bruce Springsteen and his band mate and wife of 15 years, Patti Scialfa, are headed for divorce.

  • She almost always follows her own drumbeat, so she is often the talk of the fashion town.

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