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draftsman Sentence Examples

  • accomplished draftsman.

  • The draftsman of the charge debenture drew a purposeful distinction between book debts and their proceeds.

  • draftsman of an own-initiative report, which the European Parliament passed on Thursday 15 January.

  • The power of the Leges Posteriores Rule was recognized by the draftsman of the Human Rights Act 1998.

  • draftsman intended was that we shouldn't make them in every case.

  • Rising to become chief draftsman, he left the firm in 1879 to enter partnership with his uncle, Cosmo Innes, in London.

  • Any parliamentary draftsman with a computer could have brought the treaties together in one volume.

  • Mr Bohill: With the Committee's agreement we shall consult the legislative draftsman to see whether the clause could be made clearer.

  • The department is headed by Peter Rodney, senior legal draftsman for the Government of Gibraltar.

  • He was a meticulous draftsman; his characters are well-defined and precise so that little ambiguity is encountered in the deciphering process.

  • The Member will probably want to delegate this function to a costs draftsman.

  • draughtsmanchool at 15, he became an apprentice draftsman with a firm of civil engineers.

  • draughtsmanyor may have employed a draftsman or calligrapher to assist him.

  • draughtsman include the draftsman, the surveyor and a whole hierarchy of superior officers.

  • draughtsmans a highly accomplished draftsman, whose precise detail was influenced by Hans Holbein.

  • draughtsmanin fact from George Meikle Kemp, a working joiner who was an accomplished draftsman.

  • draughtsmanool he trained as an architectural draftsman, but after National Service in the Royal Air Force he joined the police.

  • draughtsmanen employed as chief draftsman in the Central Workshop Division, Amritsar, Punjab, India.

  • draughtsmanarly influence was Robert Medley, another great draftsman.

  • draughtsmanown work You may not be a good artist, you may not consider yourself a good draftsman.

  • draughtsmank, an engineering draftsman, designed the familiar tube map in 1932.

  • draughtsmane an experienced design draftsman with a minimum of 10 years experience.

  • draughtsmanted Mr Gustav Wilhelm Wolff as head draftsman, who was the nephew of one of his backers, Mr Schwabe of Liverpool.

  • draughtsman-like style, coupled with an expert draftsman 's eye, began a rival tradition of children's book illustration.

  • draughtsman board is, of course, an architect's or draftsman's table, used for the preparation of designs or blueprints.

  • draughtsman as a draftsman for many years, and has had a long involvement in trade union activities.

  • An officer of engineers seeing it wrote to recommend Monge to the commandant of the military school at Mezieres, and he was received as a draftsman and pupil in the practical school attached to that institution; the school itself was of too aristocratic a character to allow of his admission to it.

  • James Sargant Storer (1771-1853) engraver, draftsman and topographer born and worked with his son in Cambridge.

  • Unless you are an experienced draftsman and carpenter, you will need to hire someone to design the addition and build it.

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