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dovetail Sentence Examples

  • ancillary mounting options and dovetail slots for adding sensors and other ancillaries are also included in the housing profile.

  • dovetail any income protection plan into her workplace arrangements.

  • dovetail with the operation of environment planning systems.

  • Both the CBE unit and ETV unit have their own management plans designed to dovetail with the overall plan.

  • dovetail quite nicely with longer-term goals in the region.

  • dovetail with individual requirements.

  • dovetail joints for a box.

  • dovetail slide with a generic opening is available for users who wish to develop custom chambers.

  • dovetail base accepts the optional Orion finder scope of your choice.

  • dovetail nicely with yours.

  • The daily Plymouth Bristol operation will also dovetail into the new Leeds route.

  • gunwale strake has been attached to the upper strake with mortise and tenon joints and dovetail fastenings.

  • pennant stone paving with dovetail detail locking kerbs in place.

  • Capricorn traits are many, yet all dovetail back to the most outstanding trait of all, that you can always count of having a helpmate who understands and enjoys the concept of a loving partnership for life.

  • Daily shows dovetail one into the other.

  • The deeply personal nature of tattoos seems to naturally dovetail with the expression of religious devotion.

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