Dore sentence examples

  • In the rock of Dore Holm is a natural archway, 70 ft.

  • Dore, Old Bibles (2nd ed., 1888); J.

  • In modern times the subject has been made still more popular by Gustave Dore's elaborate designs (1856), containing some of his most striking and imaginative work.

  • Louis Auguste Gustave Dore >>

  • Abbey Dore was very prosperous and had 17 associated granges, 9 of which were in the Golden Valley.

  • Inspirations include Gustav Dore, Egon Schiele, bottoms and people who make, wear or appreciate ladies knickers.

  • Conspiration Mask: In the metal category, you'll find Conspiration Mask, a shield inspired sunglass that is available in Dore, a soft, golden brown, and Argent, a cool, steel grey.

  • of zinc, all the gold and copper and some silver and lead will be alloyed with the zinc to a so-called gold - or copper - crust, and the residual lead saturated with zinc. By removing from the surface of the lead this first crust and working it up separately (liquating, retorting and cupelling), dore silver is obtained.

  • All Mercia south of a line from Dore (near Sheffield), through Whitwell to the Humber, was now in Edmund's hands, and the five Danish boroughs, which had for some time been exposed to raids from the Norwegian kings of Northumbria, were now freed from that fear.

  • Swelled by torrents from the mountains of Dore and Dome, it unites with the river Dore at its entrance to the department to which it gives its name.

  • After Cardinal Wolsey, with a splendid train had visited the French king, the two monarchs met at the Val Dore, a spot midway between the two places, on the 7th.

  • AMBERT, a town of central France, capital of an arrondissement of the department of Puy-de-Dome, on the Dore, 52 m.

  • Among them may be mentioned those illustrated by Gustave Dore, first on a small scale (1854), afterwards more elaborately (1870); that of the Collection Didot by Burgaud des Marets and Rathery (1857 and later); the Bibliotheque Elzevirienne edition by MM.

  • On the right the Loire receives the waters of the Furens, the Arroux, the Nivre, the Maine (formed by the Mayenne and the Sarthe with its affluent the Loir), and the Erdre, which joins the Loire at Nantes; on the left, the Allier (which receives the Dore and the Sioule), the Loiret, the Cher, the Indre, the Vienne with its affluent the Creuse, the Thouet, and the Svre-Nantaise.

  • It contains many mountains volcanic in origin (Plomb du Cantal, Puy de Dome, Mont Dore), fertile valleys such as that of Limagne, vast pasturelands, and numerous medicinal springs.

  • The chief red vines of the champagne district are the Plant-dore, Franc-Pineau and the Plant vert dore.

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