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doleful Sentence Examples

  • There is no positive evidence of any measures taken or threatened against him; but it is certain that he passed nearly the whole of 1546 and part of 1547 at Metz in Lorraine as physician to the town at the salary of 120 livres, and Sturm speaks of him as having been "cast out of France by the times" (with the exclamation c56 TLilv xpovwv) in a contemporary letter, and says that he himself in another letter gives a doleful account of his pecuniary affairs and asks for assistance.

  • In wealthy households ceremonial mourners would be hired to look suitably doleful.

  • doleful tune of the great BELL rang out.

  • doleful eyes.

  • doleful sound of painful moans.

  • What doleful sight, what ruthful spectacle Hath fortune offered to my hapless heart?

  • doleful expression on his concrete face, hovering incongruously over the modern world.

  • If they mistakenly selected a pair of numbers which did not total 10, it was met with a rather doleful ' moo ' !

  • porcupine fish were hiding underneath small outcrops, their huge, doleful eyes peering out warily at the passing divers.

  • These days stand statuesque, They do not meet your gaze, Nor the doleful hunt of eyes for love Among stale upholstery.

  • Equally striking, yet tuneful, is the doleful grim atmosphere of Two Crows which follows immediately.

  • doleful knell; Let thy sound my death tell.

  • doleful hymn to his own death.

  • Toll on, thou passing bell; Ring out my doleful knell; Let thy sound my death tell.

  • In a few of the older districts, too, where land is least valuable, there are antique one-storeyed houses, surrounded by poplars and acacias; while the gipsies and Rumans, wearing their brightly coloured native costumes, the Russian coachmen, or sleighdrivers, of the banished Lipovan sect, and the pedlars, with their doleful street cries, render Bucharest unlike any western capital.

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