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dole Sentence Examples

  • The very well documented corn dole of ancient Rome is one of many cases.

  • rendered fealty to the emperor Frederick Barbarossa at Dole in 1162; and when, on the accession of Canute V.

  • Below Dole the river is navigable only for some 8 m.

  • One result was the unemployment dole, at first a necessity, but afterwards a hindrance to a return to normal life.

  • Dole sent a reply to Willis, declining to surrender the authority of the provisional government to the deposed queen.

  • Dole as its first president.

  • So too his scorn for the Roman populace of his time, who cared only for their dole of bread and the public games, is unqualified.

  • Some distance below Besancon it enters the department of Jura, passes Dole, and leaving the region of hill and mountain, issues into a wide plain.

  • Dole, 18 931898.

  • The young Jonathan was educated mainly at the charges of his uncle Godwin, a Tipperary official, who was thought to dole out his help in a somewhat grudging manner.

  • known as the "Bibliotheque de Bourgogne" (now at Brussels), and also of the university of Dole (1421).(1421).

  • LOUIS PASTEUR (1822-1895), French chemist, was born, on the 27th of December 1822, at Dole, Franche-Comte, where his father carried on the business of a tanner.

  • Dole, 1898-1904; George R.

  • For at the beginning of his reign Valdemar leaned largely upon the Germans and even went the length, against the advice of Absalon, of acknowledging the overlordship of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa at the reichstag of Dole, 1162.1162.

  • dole out some serious punishment.

  • In addition to these corps there are eight permanent cavalry divisions with headquarters at Paris, Lunyule, Meaux, Sedan, Reims, Lyons, Melun and Dole.

  • In the 3rd century, bread formed the dole.

  • Both of us being on the dole, we shared the expense of buying clothes.

  • This, at least, was the belief of the local gentry and magistrates and in 1796 the dole was temporarily discontinued.

  • dole scroungers ", or Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative.

  • dole queues in South Tyneside do not increase?

  • dole office.

  • dole money out to help support ourselves, really.

  • dole cupboard of John Sayer, 1638.

  • dole scum apparently assured, the Snells are tightening their belts.

  • dole check?

  • dole money.

  • dole queue.

  • The United States will not dole out any rewards to convince North Korea to live up to its existing obligations.

  • My father, being self employed, had no dole to fall back on, no assistance from the state at all.

  • dole out money by looking far into the past.

  • dole out sound money advice.

  • dole out pills to hurry you back to health.

  • dole when the group finished.

  • dole for a year.

  • The cycle of capitalist economic crises has traditionally seen workers thrown onto the dole by the financial oligarchs.

  • Defense procurement can not be a short term palliative to the dole queue.

  • For their music, I'm afraid I can only offer the nearest dole queue.

  • It reminds me of watching crap daytime TV American sitcoms when I was on the dole.

  • 16, 1904) discuss the relations between faith and the affirmation of phenomenal happenings; Paul Sabatier, "Les Derniers Ouvrages de l'Abbe Loisy," in the Revue chretienne (Dole, 1904) and Paul Desjardins' Catholicisme et critique (Paris, 1905), a Broad Church Protestant's and a moralist agnostic's delicate appreciations; a revue of Les Evangiles synoptiques by the Abbe Mangenot, in Revue du Clerge francais (Feb.

  • Just below that town the river is joined by the canal from the Rhone to the Rhine, to accommodate which its course has been canalized as far as Dole.

  • in dole agreement with each other, reaching XXI.

  • For their music, I 'm afraid I can only offer the nearest dole queue.

  • It reminds me of watching crap daytime tv American sitcoms when I was on the dole.

  • Also, when the two cats are brought into the same environment, try to encourage playful activities and generously dole out the kitty treats so that your cats will associate "togetherness" with positive feelings.

  • Nutrition activities from Dole are used to identify familiar foods.

  • Various organizations rejected plans to restore the station as being too expensive, until the US government, under Transportation Secretary, Elizabeth Dole, championed the restoration.

  • Needless to say you should seriously consider cards that dole out perks like the aforementioned.

  • The five music lovers became Wet Wet Wet in Clydebank, Scotland, in an attempt to create a more successful life for themselves rather than resorting to living on the dole in what was once one of Scotland's most thriving industrial areas.

  • With a basic set (in an inoffensive, practical fragrance like vanilla or citrus) on hand, you'll have something to rely on should you need to dole out a gift or two.

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