Displease Sentence Examples

  • For the moment Germany was to hold aloof lest any active initiative on her part should displease the Vatican, of whose help Bismarck stood in need.

  • The French government - fearing to displease the other powers by following up its conquest, and hampered in particular by its engagements towards England, yet conscious that the only means of putting an end to the piracy was to remain - decided provisionally in favour of that intermediate system, called restricted occupation, which consisted in occupying merely the principal seaports and awaiting events.

  • Garrick now brought Irene out, with alterations sufficient to displease the author, yet not sufficient to make the piece pleasing to the audience.

  • The Liberals had to act cautiously and slowly, because they perceived that any premature move towards reform or democratic legislation wculd not be welcome at court, and might displease the generals.

  • Robert Smith (Harmonics, 2nd ed., 1 759, p. 95) states that Sauveur " inferred that octaves and other simple concords, whose vibrations coincide very often, are agreeable and pleasant because their beats are too quick to be distinguished, be the pitch of the sounds ever so low; and on the contrary, that the more complex consonances whose vibrations coincide seldom are disagreeable because we can distinguish their slow beats; which displease the ear, says he, by reason of the inequality of the sound.

  • Ethics, which is but one branch of aesthetics, although the chief, deals with such relations among volitions (Willensverheiltnisse) as thus unconditionally please or displease.