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dehumanizing Sentence Examples

  • By watching big brother you too become part of the dehumanizing process (Socialist Worker August 26 2000 ).

  • dehumanizely depicts the dehumanizing effects of the camp on his fellow inmates, yearning for liberty yet unable to imagine freedom.

  • dehumanizeseems most expert at dehumanizing other people?

  • dehumanizessible to form an alliance of historic bloc against the dehumanizing total system?

  • dehumanizecase, the computer is not dehumanizing; it's an interpreter.

  • Any task that could be done a machine is, by definition, dehumanizing to a human being.

  • Their work is literally dehumanizing.

  • But over time, these dehumanizing jobs are what will be "left behind," not the people who perform them.

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