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deflect Sentence Examples

  • Prisms deflect rays of light towards their bases.

  • The rain began, light at first, and he adjusted his helmet to deflect the droplets from blowing in his face.

  • "You need more of an angle when you deflect," he told her.

  • The verniers having been read, the cross-arm is rotated so as to deflect the needle a in the opposite direction, and a new setting is taken.

  • In the position shown in solid lines, these valves deflect the air and gas into the left-hand pair of "regenerators" or spacious heat-transferring chambers.

  • My little brother has the ablility to deflect any blame off himself and on to me, so he never gets in trouble.

  • The bubble will contract, forcing the air out, and the current of air blown through the tube may be made to deflect the flame of a candle.

  • Don't let any of the players on the other team deflect your winning shot!

  • The photographer's assistant set up the mirrors to deflect the light to the right location.

  • Jasmine raised her arms to deflect the dodgeball heading straight for her face.

  • As an accomplished attorney, Michael was able to deflect many of the prosecutor's questioning tactics.

  • All of Alex's bridesmaids were careful to not deflect attention away from the bride on her special day.

  • You must learn to deflect demeaning comments but incorporate constructive criticism.

  • At the last second, Jimmy managed to jump up and deflect his opponent's shot into the hoop.

  • The potential candidate was able to deflect some of the harder questions by flattering the interviewer.

  • If there is the slightest displacement of the centre o gravity of the system from the axis of revolution a force acts on th shaft tending to deflect it, and varies as the deflexion and as th square of the speed.

  • The Grey God pulled his own power and used it to deflect, ducking away from the sizzling strike meant to rip him apart.

  • 47) and when electric waves fall on A they excite oscillations in the fine wire resistance R and increase the resistance, and so upset the balance of the bridge and cause the galvanometer to deflect.

  • In the form known as Ferrell's Law this runs: " If a body moves in any direction on the earth's surface, there is a deflecting force which arises from the earth's rotation which tends to deflect it to the right in the northern hemisphere but to the left in the southern hemisphere."

  • If a longitudinally magnetized wire is twisted, circular magnetization is developed; this is evidenced by the transient electromotive force induced in the iron, generating a current which will deflect a galvanometer connected with the two ends of the wire.

  • A somewhat stronger field will deflect many of the needles beyond the limits of stability, causing them to turn round and form new stable combinations, in which the direction assumed by most of them approximates to that of the field.

  • (3) Ambitious potentates again may seek to deflect popular tendencies into channels more satisfactory for their dynasty.

  • They could be used to deflect an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

  • Or, could he have been trying to deflect blame for 7/7?

  • crescent kick to deflect it.

  • In an actual observation the deflecting needle would be reversed, as well as the deflected one, while different weights would be used to deflect the needle b..

  • Neglecting the mass of the shaft itself, when the shaft rotates with an angular velocity a, the centrifugal force Wae/g will act upon the shaft and cause its axis to deflect from the axis of rotation a distance, y say.

  • To the bottom and muller are attached grinding plates (shoes and dies), which are replaced when worn; and to the sides three wings to deflect the moving pulp towards the centre, and thus establish the necessary pulp current.

  • She's also hoping to deflect accusations of profligacy.

  • But a shameless decision has been made to deflect criticism by misleading press and public.

  • Looks great and helps deflect the winter road crud back at the road.

  • When infra-red homing is used decoy hot sources may be used to deflect the incoming weapon.

  • deflect an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

  • deflect criticism into a safe sphere.

  • deflect attention from the simple truths above.

  • deflect blame by blaming others, eg doctors.

  • A strong magnet held on one side of the hand can easily deflect a compass needle on the other side of the same hand.

  • exhaust pipe, or a shrouded fan shape to deflect the gases downwards.

  • These chrome trims are either straight, to lengthen the exhaust pipe, or a shrouded fan shape to deflect the gases downwards.

  • The process, called inverse electron spin resonance, uses the magnetic field to deflect electrons and to modify their magnetic direction.

  • The least expensive option is to construct shallow swales to deflect surface water to less obtrusive sections of the course.

  • The effect is as if there was a mean sidelong thrust w tan S on the shot from left to right in order to deflect the plane of the trajectory at angle 6 to the vertical.

  • In the position shown in solid lines, these valves deflect the air and gas into the left-hand pair of " regenerators " or spacious heat-transferring chambers.

  • During this phase the incoming gas and air have been withdrawing heat from the left-hand regenerators, which have thus been cooling down, while the escaping products of combustion have been depositing heat in the right-hand pair of regenerators, which have thus been heating up. After some thirty minutes this condition of things is reversed by turning the valves K and K' 90° into the positions shown in dotted lines, when they deflect the incoming gas and air into the right-hand regenerators, so that they may absorb in passing the heat which has just been stored there; thence they pass up through the right-hand uptakes and ports into the working chamber, where as before they mix, burn and heat the charge.

  • With nothing either to deflect or attract the telluric energies, the focal point is in the center of the floor of the quarry.

  • Attempts to make the person do so will result in further lying and perhaps even emotional outbursts designed to deflect attention from the lying.

  • Though they may not hug your face as well as goggles or be as likely to stay on no matter what, these wrap around snugly and work to deflect the wind and fight fog.

  • Rings give Sonic life and help you deflect enemies should you run into one.

  • Hang a crystal in a window - The crystal not only helps to deflect the negative chi, but when the sunlight hits the facets of the crystal, it helps to disperse the negative energy from your home.

  • Properly applied feng shui remedies help deflect shar chi.

  • If there is a problem, time is of the essence for launching an early intervention initiative to help deflect some or even most of the symptoms.

  • Combined with her super speed, these bracelets could be used to deflect bullets.

  • Like many other superheroes, she had her own weaknesses, including being susceptible to injury from anything that she couldn't deflect with her bracelets.

  • To make this comic book heroine even more formidable, she was given magic bracelets which she used to deflect bullets and her golden lasso which forced men to tell the truth.

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