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deconstruct Sentence Examples

  • deconstruct the myths that people have about the city.

  • deconstruct the notion of " learning how to learn "?

  • deconstruct the concept of the (legal) subject.

  • deconstruct media texts, how to plan, produce and evaluate a range of media texts.

  • deconstruct those images ' identifiers into bits of associations.

  • deconstruct the way I work.

  • then deconstruct the marked up document into a series of element definitions in a separate file.

  • Even postmodernism, which is supposed to playfully deconstruct or reassemble the elements of the past, has frequently been reduced to a method.

  • As part of a theater company embodying questions about life weâd deconstruct long held ideas through physical theater.

  • deconstruct what we have done previously.

  • Or else, equally ironically, we are deconstructing that which neoliberalism is itself already attempting to deconstruct in even more radical ways.

  • Biodegradable products are available in a number of materials that use different technologies to deconstruct them for faster and easier integration into surrounding ecosystems.

  • Photo Sensitive Materials: This technology is designed to break down plastics, photo-sensitive biodegradables deconstruct when exposed to ultraviolet light.

  • Part of what we do at the writing workshops is have girls learn to deconstruct these messages.

  • Teleporters that deconstruct us (disassemble & reassemble) I think not likely.

  • Here you can learn how to respond to bigoted comments, and find resources to intelligently deconstruct all ignorant arguments of bigotry and intolerance online.

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