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decanter Sentence Examples

  • He clapped his hands together, lifted a decanter of liquor and began pouring.

  • He clapped his hands together, lifted a decanter of liquor and began pouring.

  • Centriquip also provides a complete service and repair service for any make of decanter centrifuge.

  • decanter of complimentary sherry in your room.

  • decanter of port and two tiny glasses.

  • decanter of whiskey.

  • decanter of red wine arrives - you only pay for what you drink.

  • Unfortunately the fourth missed and Paul scrambled home to collect the engraved decanter.

  • However for those of you who can't wait use a decanter.

  • Anyone not able to take this responsibility should pass the decanter immediately.

  • You will find a decanter of complimentary sherry in your room.

  • Then he threw a decanter at that maid, Theresa Wright; there was trouble about that.

  • A beautiful 17th-century five-litre decanter from Austria adorns one of the round tables.

  • decanter centrifuge.

  • decanter magazine, September 2006, 3 Star Recommendation.

  • For #2, a clean bottle, all the way up to the crystal decanter work.

  • Many examples would have been used to support a glass decanter on a wide wine bottle.

  • Famous for their Stylized Bees logo our wine decanter & drying stand is perfect for red wine.

  • Everything is exactly as it would have been - here, the sherry decanter and bound volume of Marcus Aurelius.

  • In terms of frightening off customers, the words Gerald Ratner, £ 4.99 cut-glass decanter and crap springs to mind.

  • Contemporary, spacious bedrooms with king-sized beds and with welcoming touches such as fresh flowers, a port decanter and home-made biscuits.

  • engraved decanter.

  • You will find a decanter of complimentary sherry in your room.

  • Anna Mikhaylovna, addressing a maid who was hurrying past with a decanter on a tray as "my dear" and "my sweet," asked about the princess' health and then led Pierre along a stone passage.

  • They offer three main items that have to do with the drinking and serving of wine; double wine glasses, personalized wine bar glasses and carafe and a porto decanter set (these items would fall under their entertaining category).

  • Porto decanter set-According to Signals, 17th century Europeans sipped their port wine through specially crafted Pfeiffen-Schnapps glasses.

  • This set includes four hand blown port glasses that measure 3 ½ inches tall and a decanter that measures 11 ¾ inches tall.

  • If you still can't convince your wine snob friends that wine from a box is actually consumable, put it in a decanter before they arrive.

  • While many people serve wine directly out of the bottle, pouring wine into a decanter serves multiple purposes.

  • Pour the wine into the decanter slowly and steadily, watching the neck of the bottle.

  • Decanters with flat bowls and long necks allow the wine to spread out along the surface of the decanter in order to put the largest amount of surface area of the wine possible contact with air.

  • A richly-decorated port decanter and glasses with 24k gold decoration purchased on a trip to Italy may hold a prominent place in the dining room; however, they may only be used on rare occasions, if at all.

  • In less than five minutes, wine poured into a breathable wine glass will have many of the same taste and aroma changes which would have taken thirty minutes to two hours of aeration using a decanter.

  • All Bunn coffee makers (except the single-serve coffee makers) use a coffee decanter to hold the brewed coffee.

  • The glass style decanter is a solid glass container with a plastic lid and handle in black, white, or grey.

  • A stainless steel coffee decanter is also available for the BTX model of Bunn coffee makers.

  • The stainless steel coffee decanter may warp over time.

  • The decanter lid sits on top of the decanter and separates the poured coffee from the decanter container.

  • There are three types of decanter lids by Bunn, the 8-cup brewer lid, the 10-cup brewer lid, and a decanter lid made exclusively for the NHBX coffee maker.

  • The sprayheads sit below the coffee filter and help the brewed coffee pour evenly in to the decanter.

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