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decant Sentence Examples

  • decant this wine for best results or leave for a couple more years.

  • decant period is an ideal time for things to go missing.

  • decant clean liquid and use again.

  • decant space to allow work to be carried out on Thorne ward.

  • decant site and work has started for the new school.

  • decant accommodation and decorated and carpeted them throughout.

  • decant back into the jug (for easier pouring) then duly pour into waiting teacups.

  • Allow the mixture to cool, then decant it through two or three layers of muslin into another beaker.

  • never decant your children from the offside into the road.

  • decant filling of medical oxygen cylinders.

  • This would necessitate the demolition of Leadon Bank at the outset and the decant of residents and staff offsite.

  • They're wonderful for carrying a small decant of your favorite fragrance and popping in a purse or gym bag.

  • If it is very tannic, then decant and allow to aerate.

  • If it isn't, then re-cork the bottle and decant for sediment right before serving.

  • Many wine professionals suggest that you decant EVERY bottle of red wine you open.

  • The lid of the oil bottle or jar has been designed so that the reeds can simply be pushed into the oil without the need to decant the oil to a separate container.

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