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debutante Sentence Examples

  • Our 4th debutante (I like my stats - very anal, I know) was James Parkinson.

  • debutante of the evening.

  • debutante of the night.

  • All the way from the US of A Juliette was our first debutante of the evening.

  • With the last debutante daytime presentation occurring in 1958, the displays celebrate a lost era of grand court occasions.

  • But it was inevitable that the beautiful young debutante should attract attention from the eligible young men of the Court.

  • The only post-break debutante, Stevie Parker had traveled up from England for a couple of gigs in Edinburgh.

  • Edwina Sheffield is considered the most beautiful debutante of the current season.

  • debutante balls.

  • debutante tonight.

  • debutante director Sanjay F. Gupta is one of the whiz-kids of Indian cinema today.

  • debutante dances.

  • debutante year.

  • The ability of trainers to win with a late-season debutante varies widely.

  • Another debutante, Callum stepped up to the mic next, complete with a very nice looking red sunburst ovation copy guitar.

  • Formal occasions that a tiara would be appropriate for include a prom, formal high school dance or a debutante party.

  • Despite being the daughter of such high-profile parents, Ivanka Trump stayed relatively under the radar in terms of media stories about the young debutante.

  • Konami touted an eye-popping trailer at the big 2005 gaming debutante's ball, aka the E3 conference and exposition, and unlike many other PS3 trailers, it was being completely rendered in real-time.

  • Played by Rebecca Budig on and off since 1999, Greenlee has certainly earned her reputation as troublemaker, ingénue, debutante, and diva.

  • Greenlee Smythe arrived in Pine Valley in 1999, a debutante from a very prominent family.

  • Debutante Slip (pictured): Falling 39-inches from the waist, this slip is a good option for ankle-length dresses and longer gowns.

  • Traditionally, a debutante ball or coming out party marked a young girl's entry into society.

  • Would she really enjoy an elegant debutante ball?

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