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debridement Sentence Examples

  • aetiologyy wound etiology can automatically preclude certain forms of debridement.

  • Also there is no recognized measure of competence for undertaking sharp debridement.

  • Predicted improved cosmesis of burn scar following more accurate laser debridement of burn.

  • These dressings promote autolytic debridement and encourage natural wound healing.

  • A secondary action of using PI is the drying out of slough which facilitates sharp debridement.

  • References Bale, S. (1997) ' A guide to wound debridement ' Journal of Wound Care, 6: 4; 179-182.

  • The surgeon should be encouraged to perform a radical debridement to eliminate as much of the source of infection as possible.

  • This may be achieved by sharp debridement, or autolytic debridement facilitated by dressing products.

  • In the older patient, arthroscopic debridement of the rotator cuff is very effective at relieving pain.

  • Martin, S.J. (1996) ' Enzymatic debridement for necrotic wounds ' Journal of Wound Care, 5; 7: 310-311.

  • surgical debridement of the facet joint was therefore performed.

  • However, these reviews do not give clinicians clear guidance on the efficacy of sharp debridement.

  • Matta reported a 5% incidence of infection but was able to manage these cases successfully with early aggressive debridement.

  • debridement procedure.

  • These products have a high water content, which is why they are of value in wound debridement.

  • Thomas S., Jones M (2001) 'wound debridement: evaluating the costs. ' Nursing Standard, 15; 22: 59-61.

  • I have had the patellar tendon debridement surgery for scar tissue several times.

  • debridement of chronic wounds: a systematic review.

  • debridement of viable tissue were undertaken.

  • debridement of the rotator cuff is very effective at relieving pain.

  • debridement for osteoarthritis of the knee for many years.

  • Overall, 180 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee were randomly assigned to receive either arthroscopic debridement, arthroscopic lavage or placebo surgery.

  • This erosion is usually treated conservatively with lubricating drops and hypertonic saline ointment for a month or more, although some patient need a debridement of the cornea or laser treatment.

  • Necrotic areas (areas of dead tissue) may need debridement (removal of dead and damaged tissue) and skin grafts.

  • Infected or dead tissue or foreign materials are also removed (debridement) to reduce risk of infection.

  • Surgery may be necessary to clean an infected wound (debridement) and remove the source of the bacteria producing the toxin.

  • Surgical removal of dead tissue (debridement) also takes place.

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