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deaf-blind Sentence Examples

  • The vibrating pad alarms are particularly useful for deaf-blind people.

  • It gives me great pleasure to hear how much is being done for the deaf-blind.

  • Why, only a little while ago people thought it quite impossible to teach the deaf-blind anything; but no sooner was it proved possible than hundreds of kind, sympathetic hearts were fired with the desire to help them, and now we see how many of those poor, unfortunate persons are being taught to see the beauty and reality of life.

  • As to the two-handed alphabet, I think it is much easier for those who have sight than the manual alphabet; for most of the letters look like the large capitals in books; but I think when it comes to teaching a deaf-blind person to spell, the manual alphabet is much more convenient, and less conspicuous....

  • Well, I must confess, I do not like the sign-language, and I do not think it would be of much use to the deaf-blind.

  • Most blind people are aided by the sense of sound, so that a fair comparison is hard to make, except with other deaf-blind persons.

  • For Dr. Howe is the great pioneer on whose work that of Miss Sullivan and other teachers of the deaf-blind immediately depends.

  • It was Dr. Howe who, by his work with Laura Bridgman, made Miss Sullivan's work possible: but it was Miss Sullivan who discovered the way to teach language to the deaf-blind.

  • Emotionally disturbed students have the highest drop-out rate (35%), according to Department of Education statistics, while deaf-blind students have the lowest rate (4%).

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