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ddd Sentence Examples

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  • Therefore, salbutamol tablets have a different DDD from salbutamol inhalers.

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  • Many breastfeeding moms find themselves searching for 32 DDD nursing bras, which can be difficult to find.

  • Finding 32 DDD nursing bras can be tricky, but it's also important that you find a bra that fits correctly even if that means searching a bit harder for the perfect fit.

  • A size 32 DDD means that your band size is actually quite small in comparison to many women.

  • These bras are available in sizes 34-38B, 34-44C, 36-44D, DD, and DDD.

  • Extra large typically come in sizes larger than a 38DD or DDD, depending on the style and manufacturer.

  • Browse their large offering from brands like Elomi and Aviana in sizes ranging from 32 to 46, D, DD, DDD, G and H.

  • Comfort lace minimizer bra: Lace accents on the top of the cups add a pretty detail to this bra which comes in a wide range of sizes, all the way up to DDD.

  • The torsolette is available in sizes to 48 DDD.

  • Bottoms sizes range from 1X to 4X (or 14 to 28), while bras range from A to DDD.

  • Tummy Control Gold Accent Tankini Swim Top: A deceptively simple top that flatters your figure with shirred fabric at the bust, supportive soft cup bra sized up to DDD and hardware detailing on the straps that draw eyes away from the waist.

  • US cup size DDD is an E in the UK and an F in Europe.

  • Their bras are available in extended sizes that go up to a DDD, with black, white and nude being the most popular colors.

  • Sizes for this style range from C to DDD and available colors are black, ivory, and naturally nude.

  • For example, categories like that of Minimizers, Pretty Bra Sets and DDD and G Cup Styles, can significantly reduce your search time.

  • It may seem impossible, but you can find DDD sports bras that fit comfortably while offering the performance you deserve.

  • The ideal DDD sports bra should embody both of these components.

  • Her latest round of surgeries increased her breast size to a DDD cup.

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